Exclusive Interview with CLIFF DOGG


We recently caught up with the ever elusive artist and fashion tycoon, Cliff Dogg.  Read on to learn about his favorite things and why he's the greatest human who's ever lived.

1. You're the hat master. Tell us how you got started in the fashion industry and where do you find inspiration?

I got started, because everyone else sucqs, and I needed dope shit to rocq while I perform.

2. The album! Tell us about the inspiration behind it and how can we buy it?

I was inspired by how im the greatest human ever to live, and thought I should brag about it. It will be available in every store on earth on 11.18.18 for $333,333.33 Loans will be available to everyone.

3. You work with a lot of interesting and talented folks, who has been your most intriguing featured artist so far?

I would say defiantly ME, everyone else I have worqed with is sub-par.

4. Competition is fierce in the music industry, how do you continue to rise about the status quo?

The 3 P's Promotion, Promotion, Promotion.... and lots of talent.

5. Favorite rapper?


6. Five words to describe your personal style...

GOAT, BTEE (Better than everyone else), Alllllllbum, Nov 18th, ME

7. When you're at the Grammy's what are you wearing?

Ducqets, suite with my face embroidered all over in a pattern

8. What's your personal favorite design/print that you've created so far?

My Face

9. Who has been your greatest inspiration in life...thus far?

ME, If I had to chose someone who isnt ME, I would say Lavar Ball

10. Please tell our readers where to follow you on social media and HOW can we BUY your goods?

@cliffdogg_ducqets on IG, you can buy Ducqets at the Ducqets store in San Diego, The Ducqets store in TRI Creative in Nashville, or of course ducqets.com