We recently caught up with busy country music recording artist, Jenny Leigh Miller.  Having just finished recording her new album and landing a hot new publishing deal in Nashville, Jenny tells us more about her inspirations and the story of her music. 

Q:  Your music seems to have a very positive, uplifting message.  Is there a theme to your new album and what experiences in life brought you to this musical release?

My new album tells a story that is closely related to my life. Not everything is exactly based on my own life, but the ideas come from my experiences. 

Q:  What has been your favorite LIVE show so far?

My favorite live shows have been acoustic shows where people can really zone in on my lyric writing. It’s a very intimate experience and there is not a lot of noise and distractions so you can really feel the music. 

Q:  You have just released your new album.  Please tell us more about it and where our readers can purchase.

My new album, Roller coaster, has been released world wide and can be purchased on iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, and Spotify. You can also go to to purchase a CD or listen to the album. The songs on this album were chosen to convey a wide range of emotions, hence the name “Roller coaster”. It has been quite the ride getting to where I am musically now. 

Q:  How was your studio experience and do you have recording rituals for greater success? 

The studio experience was great. I had a patient engineer and talented musicians working with me so that always makes the process run smoothly. I always make sure to do my warmups and have plenty of water. 

Q:  If you could perform with any other artist (living or dead) who would it be and why?

I would love to perform with Anne Wilson. She has an incredible voice and range. She also is such a cool person outside of music from what I can observe. 

Q:  What was your very first concert and did it inspire you to choose a career in music?

My first concert was Tom Petty. That Band definitely inspired me to pursue music. The heartbreakers went through a lot to get to where they are today and I grew up listening to Tom’s lyrics. I know every song. 

Q:  We read that you are a US Veteran.  Thank you for your service!  Please tell us how your experiences in the US Army shapes your music today.

In the military you are always waiting. Whether you’re overseas or here at home in the US, there is a lot of personal time for reflection. This allowed me to slow down and really think about what made me most happy - music. 

It also was a way to cope with the stress of deployments. I bought a guitar over there and learned to play my favorite country songs. 

Q:  Where can we expect to see you in the rest of the year?

I will be playing shows in the north east, and around NYC in the fall and late summer. 

Q:  Please list all your social media links so our readers can reach you.

@jennyleighmiller Instagram 

Twitter : @band_jennyLeigh