Interview with Polygon Peach

The Blue Palace Album



Polygon Peach is a St Paul band making big moves and creating a huge buzz on the indie rock scene.  A powerful rock trio with unforgettable songs and an even more infectiously fun stage show, we were excited to catch up with them right after their latest west coast tour...

Q:  The Blue Palace album is set to hit soon.  Tell us about the concept behind the song collection for this release.

  The Blue Palace represents an honest look into our minds, and where we are at as a group. It is a concept album in hindsight with stories being told from the perspective of a characters passing a beautiful palace. Also there is an overall shade of blue melancholy which represents the daily grind of life as a musician on planet earth.

Q:  Tell us about your recent west coast mini tour and how it felt to play at the legendary Whisky A Go-Go on Sunset.

 It was an honor to play the whisky to a roaring crowd. We will never forget it.

Q:  Minnesota is known as a hot bed for new music and upcoming artists.  Tell our readers about being a band in St Paul.
 St.Paul is awesome man. Great street culture, diverse tastes and interests, and the music scene is flowing with newly inventive sounds. The musician's are fusing together genres, and there is quite a few record stores about. Everyone is into vinyl here. There is some great musical vibes going around.

Q:  As Polygon Peach prepares to set out on a Fall 2018 tour, tell us about your expectations and hopes for the tour.

 We hope to share our sound with as many people as possible, make some friends, and send out the positive vibes.

Q:  Any fun or crazy fan/ audience stories?

 We had a crazy guy off the street come into the venue midset, and proceeded to take off his clothes..  We just kept playing.

Q:  What type of shows and concerts does Polygon Peach go to see in their off time?

 We see a wide variety of acts in all kinds of settings. Whether it be an irish band at the local pub, or the late Charles Bradley at the 1st ave mainroom.

Q:  What can we expect to see when we go to a Polygon Peach show?

 You can expect to see a whirl wind of emotion. We have a rockin intense set which promotes an energetic atmosphere. 

Q:  Where can our readers buy your new album when it hits? 

 Physical copies on our website, or at one of our shows. Also look out for it on spotify, or any other streaming service.

Q:  Please list all your links so our readers can find you and keep up with you on the road.

Instagram: @polygonpeach

Twitter: @Polygon_peach

Facebook: Polygon Peach