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Hi MJ! Great to speak with you today!

What have you been working on lately?

Recently, I've been focusing more on individual songs and creating visuals to go along with them. I have completed several tracks that I plan on releasing as singles. Each single is accompanied by a music video. I want to expand my creativity and diversify my content. I have been working on new songs and planning out new visuals to go along with them. My next single specifically will be called "DREAMS".

Who inspired you to get into music?

Growing up, music was always a part of my life. I grew up singing in the church choir. My mother enrolled me in piano lessons when I was 9 years old and in middle school I learned string instruments. Plus Hip-Hop was a heavy influence on my childhood. Artists like Missy Elliot allowed for me to dream of an alternative reality full of dope beats and style.

When was the first time you recall thinking that you wanted to pursue music as your career?

In middle school. During lunch I would freestyle to Snoop Dogg's "Drop It Like It's Hot" and Clipse's "Grindin" haha.

What is your favorite song you've ever released and why? Honestly, it's a toss up between "Falling" and "PANDEMONIUM". Though my next single "DREAMS" is up there as well! Who are some of the artists currently inspiring you? Childish Gambino. Lauryn Hill. Amy Winehouse. Kendrick Lamar. There are so many honestly but those are the main ones that get my musical inspirations going. Any plans to start performing live as shows pick back up? Definitely! I've already been ahead of the curve in getting back to putting myself out there for a live audience. I've recently performed at the Summer Collection 2021, an event created by Red Balloon entertainment. I have an upcoming performance coming in October at a Food & Wine Tasting Entertainment and the Fall Collection 2021. What is your favourite song to perform? My favorite go-to song to perform is definitely "Falling". It is a slower tempo yet dreamy kind of track. What are you hoping to see in the music world as it continues to evolve? A more diverse range of female rappers coming up and getting noticed. Please let everyone know how they can keep up with you and your music! My music is on all streaming platforms! My smartlink is Also everyone needs to follow me on social media! All my social media handles on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is @mjmtherapper .I am constantly posting updates on upcoming releases! And subscribe to my new Youtube channel as well! Thank you for your time!

Thank you!

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