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Hi Sophia! It is great to chat with you! Thank you for having me! If you had to describe yourself as an artist in one word what would it be? Emotional. Whenever I write lyrics and create music I always want it to be moving and really strike you with feelings and emotions. What is your creative process like? Typically very spontaneous. I normally write and make music at night but an idea can pop into my head at any time. A great example was I woke up the other morning and I had a 3 line lyric I kept singing in my head. I'm thinking and creating at any and all times. How do you make sure your music is on-brand for yourself? Honestly, I've struggled a lot with this throughout creating my first EP. I think at the moment sometimes you get wrapped up with the excitement so you aren't really thinking if it's on brand or not. I still haven't fully figured it out yet but, recently I've just been trying to play and listen to something over and over again whilst asking myself that question. What are some of your other interests outside of music? I really enjoy writing poetry, reading manga, watching anime and I also love hiking Do you have any work coming up that you're excited about? I've been working on an EP for the past 5 years. It's been a hard process and, finding the right person is very difficult. But right now I feel like I'm in a very positive and productive environment so I hope to be releasing some music in the next couple of months. Please let our readers know where they can find you and your music! My Instagram and Facebook are both @sophiawarrenmusic and my TikTok where I post all my covers is @sophiawarrenmusicc Thank you for your time!

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