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Hi Liv! Thank you for speaking with me today!

Thank you for having me! You just released your new song! Congratulations! Will you tell us about it?

Yes! I released my song, 'i <3 olivia,' Nov. 19th! The song talks about the games people play in relationships - even post-relationship - that bothers me. The plot of the song is that my ex gets a new girl who is the 'better version' of me in attempt to make me mad/jealous but I claim that once a relationship is over, it's over and I hope the fact that he is starting a new one means he has reflected and grown from what we had. It's my commentary on the societal acceptance of hating on the 'new girl' - I never understood that. If my romantic partner 'did me dirty' my ill-will would be towards them not to their new romantic partner. How does it feel to have it out in the world?

Terrifying! This is the first song I've ever released where I fully wrote, vocally-produced, and produced all by myself and it's experimental pop so I don't know how it will hit. I love it but it is definitely niche and mood-based. Do you feel like where you are from influences your music? Most definitely. When I first discovered Toronto artists I was surprised how much their music resonated with me and felt like home. I make music based on feeling and Toronto has always felt like 'home' to me even though I didn't grow up there. Daniel Caesar, Charlotte Day Wilson, RiverTiber, Mr. Franks -- they all have this same vibe to their music which is hard to put into words that I feel my music relates to. When it comes to my lyricism, I see a lot of Broward County in it. I grew up in South Florida, specifically Broward County, which is infamous for its hub of Soundcloud rappers. Growing up I was always surrounded by that scene and a lot of my friends were rappers, rap producers, did music videos for rappers, etc. A lot of my music that is released and about to be released was written while I was living there so my phrasing and word usage definitely relates to that environment. What skills have you developed in life that you find are useful in the music industry? Communication, confidence, and creating the right environment. At the end of the day, I'm hiring people to help me with my project so what I say goes. When I enter a new studio, I have to take ownership of the environment and I immediately make sure everyone is aware of their role. Then I set the tone of the environment. I normally make my music by myself before I take it to a studio to record so off the bat, I know more about my music than everyone else. Because of this I make sure to answer any and all questions thoroughly and say every thought that comes into my head, even my insecurities, to show that we are all working towards one goal and we all need each other. I try to make it clear that I am the "boss" but most importantly, we are a team and working together in a positive way is going to create the best music. What would you say is the most rewarding or exciting part of what you do?

The most exciting part right now is the numbers mainly because it's a first. This is the first time in my career when I am seeing actual growth data wise and the business side of me is screaming crying while the creative side of me is like "girl, relax." I love my music and I believe it deserves lots of love but the validation of my belief is an intense emotional experience for sure. The most rewarding part is undoubtedly downloading the final masters onto my phone's notes app. Hearing the final product after months of working on its creation is one of the best feelings in the world. Any upcoming projects you want readers to know about?

Yes! My single "Walk By" is coming out Dec. 17th! It is my most highly requested original song to release. I posted it on my Instagram a few years ago and it is still my most viewed Instagram video to date so I hope everyone will love the final product! Please let everyone know where they can keep up with your music!

I am "Liv Byrne" on all streaming platforms and @iamlivbyrne on all social media platforms. Thank you for your time!

Thank YOU!

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