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When Shanghai Metro Temple came to be, members Devyn Lynch, Pat Edler, Justin Stasio, and Kevin Graf were looking for an escape. With career futures uncertain due to the Covid-19 pandemic and a shared childhood passion for music, this group of Colorado boys took a chance on a dream and rocked their first year with global streaming numbers in the 10s of thousands. In that time, Shanghai Metro Temple has sold out multiple Denver venues and even opened for DIPLO cementing their reputation for success. Join them on an escape from the ordinary through driving choruses, meaningful lyrics, and rocking solos.

Thank you for the new music! Please drop the link to the new music here:

What is the importance of lyrical value? And how would you say you value lyrics in your music?

As a singer and lyricist I might be biased here but I believe good and bad lyrics can make or break a song. I would definitely say we value lyrics in our band and a lot of thought goes into them.

Have you made any transitions in the way you write your music?

I used to write a lot of the lyrics before the music and keep them with me to try and fit them into a song. Now I do a lot more feeling with our songs and we tend to write the music before the lyrics. As for the music aspect, it changes a lot from song to song. Sometimes it's all of us sitting around and writing, other times it's just a few of us and sometimes someone brings a finished song to the plate.

Who or what inspired you to write this music?

I think we all have our own inspirations but for me it's always been the people around me that have inspired me and pushed me to really go after this and chase this dream. My grandparents and family have always been really supportive and really without them and what they taught me I don't think I would have been able to make it this far.

Do you think it’s important to change the way you write or the way you think about writing as you grow in your career?

I would say so because if you don't then you won't learn and you also run the risk of losing fans' interest because it feels the same. You have to take risks but calculated ones.

Who championed your writing sessions to keep you inspired?

Honestly our Guitarist Pat is the one who keeps the ball rolling. If I ever feel uninspired he's usually there to help get things back on track.

How are you championing yourself as you release the new music?

Just working as hard as I can and taking in as much feedback as possible. It's a hard industry to be in and I'm just happy to give it a shot!

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