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We can't get enough of the out of this world band Blooming Fire!! We talk FIRE new music on it's way, the fire lit in them and how they keep the blaze as a band!!

Hello Blooming Fire!! Your name is RAD!! What's the story behind it?!

Yooo! Whats up, thank you so much for holding space for us and thank you, glad you dig the name. A ton of thought went into it and we wanted our name to carry meaning and depth, we wanted it to evolve with us and also represent our connection to nature. Blooming Fire essentially means, to bloom the fire within your soul...We all have that fire, that passion inside us and life is all about growth and 'blooming' that fire, tending to it. Fire has many stages...sometimes they're raging and huge, sometimes the embers are at a perfect level to keep you warm, sometimes the flame goes out but the ash remains to bring on new life and new fire when the time comes. We want to inspire others to never give up and constantly bloom throughout their lives. We also wanted our name to represent our journey in music, always evolving, always growing, always stoking the fire!

We LOVE "Dunia"!! Can you talk to us about the EP and what it took for it to come to fruition?

Thank YOU!!!! Well first, Dunia means Earth in Swahili which was a language Sierra studied in college that she fell in love with the playful spirit of the words. It's also the title track on the EP, a song all about getting outside, enjoying life and not letting anyone get in the way of your waves, your flow, your dreams! Bringing the EP to life was a whirlwind honestly, it happened so fast, almost too fast. What happened is we went through a pretty challenging separation from two of our original members who are brothers to us, our hearts were broken and we didn't really know if we could pull it off just the four of us. We felt like we were back to square one, pretty much having to start over but we pressed on because we knew that if we were all on the same page and continued to try and work hard, we knew we could figure it out...even if we didn't know how exactly. So we started writing because we wanted to kind of rebrand, get some new music out that was just us so we could promote and keep building our dream. These songs were the rebirth of Blooming Fire and we feel connected to the planet. The playful, beautiful energy of being outside in nature, to the challenges we face to survive in such a demanding world, to the two sides of our freedoms and the desire to know the unknown, to know where we go when we pass on and how we all want to be blessed. It was a messy, quick, expression of what we were experiencing in that moment and it helped us launch a whole new chapter of our band.

Are there any secret musical projects in the works that you can talk to us about?!

It's not really a secret anymore but we have been writing our first full length album and we couldn't be more excited to share these soul songs.

How do you balance your career and personal life as a group?

We make sure to spend an equal amount of time working on the music as we do hanging out and being friends, we talk everything out and always put everything out in the open. It's actually a blessing that we are a family because we all want to be at the studio playing music as much as possible, in the past it wasn't always like that. We always struggled to find the time but now our focus is on the album and going to the studio is like our therapy. Since we're true independent artists we pay for everything ourselves and we didn't come from money so It's still a challenge energetically to balance the commitment it takes to be in our band and having to work as much as we do, it's like living two lives but the hunger to play music full time feeds our souls and gives us strength to overcome any challenge including sleep deprivation!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to chat with us! You all are incredibly talented and we're excited about what's next!! Where can our readers go and support your musical journey?!

If anyone is interested we do have a secret fan group called the Earth Headz, where we do private live streams, giveaways, share new music first and connect with our fans one on one everyday...people can sign up for that here:






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