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Stemming from Philadelphia, Brandon Richie’s collective band of players delivers a tight, punchy breed of modern pop-punk that feels anything but formulated. The 4 piece are no stranger to the punk scene of the Northeast, having played everything from skate parks to festivals like Camp Punksylvania. Upbeat, high-energy rhythms combined with attention-capturing vocals make Brandon Richie’s band of musicians a refreshing stage presence. Stemming from the ashes of bands in both Pennsylvania and Florida, the group is seasoned not only in the routine of gigging, but in the art of standing out amongst contemporaries. With genre-bending moments spanning from skate punk to hardcore and more, Brandon Richie and his team of players will have your head bobbing whilst reconsidering what you know about modern punk music – and what it is to deliver a high-energy barrage of sound.

Can you talk to us how you got into your current career as a musician? I’ve been making music since I was 10 years old. I got my first drum set and fell in love. When I was old enough to go to college, I went to Full Sail university for music production. This was the start of my real music making journey. What is your most proud moment? My most proud moment was finding the strength to make an album after my first band broke up. I put it out and now I have my own fans and my own shows. What were you challenged with that you were able to overcome? Not that much tbh. A lot of shit is going really well for me. When I was about 20 I got a bad stomach ulcer. This lasted for three years and I lost almost 50lbs. I wasn’t able to eat anything or drink alcohol. I was a wreck. I would throw up everything. I would get nauseous all the time. It was one of the lowest points of my life. Finally at the ripe age of 25 I can eat what I like and get drunk with my friends. It was a wild time. How are you staying motivated for the rest of the year? I love the grind. This new album and a tour schedule is what I’m really looking forward to. Did you ever have a routine that you had to break or implement to keep you on track? I don’t have a routine. I just make music and do it anyway I can. I wish I could say I had one. Biggest tip you can give someone just starting out? you are going to suck at first. No one will come to the shows. But keep going. You are closer to where you are going than where you came from. So don’t turn back. When the people hear it and come out it will all be worth it. Who gives you the best advice when it comes to your career? My dad is a driving force in my life. We work together outside of music and he helps me keep my faith in this project. I’m lucky that my family supports me and pushes me to do music. I couldn’t have done anything without them. Are there any upcoming projects you're working on that you can share with us? My new album “I Hope That Hurts” is coming at some point. I just have to finish it. Career mantra? Just Gotta Do It. Where can the readers follow all of the moves you're making?

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