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Hello! So lovely to speak with you today! Lovely to speak with you too!

Tell us about your latest project!

Produced by a Girl Answering: I just released a compilation album called Femme Frequency! Femme Frequency was inspired by 5 female artists and producers coming together and exploring the topic of darkness to light to process through what had been happening in the world during 2020 and 2021 when the pandemic was in full force. The female artists:Tess Posner, Lil MC, Sadie Belica of The Waking Point, and Meghan Pulles along with Produced by a Girl (aka Mary Knoblock Founder & CEO of Produced by a Girl), decided on the name Femme Frequeny as it reflects the power of female creators and their unique frequency they bring to music, soundwriting and production. Produced by a Girl sponsored the compilation album alongside The Stachehaus, & KMG, and is honored to be surrounded by incredibly talented females in the music industry. Their talent shines on the album and brings renewal and light to a world that needs healing and equality, and strength. I'd love to feature Lil MC, an amazing hip hop artist below!

What is a dream venue for you to perform in?

Lil MC Answering: I would love to perform at the Apollo theater in New York someday and the infamous Royal Albert Hall in London.

Produced by a Girl Answering: Any outside venue: Tomorrowland, Burning Man, and Coachella.

What are five songs that would be on your most played list?

Lil MC Answering:

Sunny- bobby hebb

Whats up - 4 non blondes

Tupac - I get around

Nirvana - in the pines

Lil kim - queen bitch

Produced by a Girl Answering: all instrumental songs: 1.1 Prelude - Peter Gregson & others, Variations - Alfonso Peduto, As a Relief- Tambour, In the Soft Light - Petre Aleksander, Ian Burdge & others.

Do you have a favorite ’90s jam?

Lil MC Answering: Third Eye Blind - Semi Charmed Life - it reminds me of my dad

Produced by a Girl Answering: Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack What is your favorite movie soundtrack?

Lil MC Answering: I can't think of a movie soundtrack but I love the music for the show "Insecure" and "Euphoria"

Produced by a Girl Answering: Gravity Favorite song to belt out in the car?

Lil MC Answering: Alanis Morissette- You Outta Know

Produced by a Girl Answering: Shake it Off - Taylor Swift

How important do you think it is for artists to know and understand music history?

Lil MC Answering: It is absolutely essential. I teach the history and culture of hip hop as my profession because I believe before anyone becomes a practitioner of hip hop they must know the roots and true history of how hip hop was born and how it has grown to become the predominant form of youth expression in the entire world.

Produced by a Girl: Very important. I had to learn and study the evolution of music before becoming a serious producer. The more you know the history of music the better you can produce across music genres as well as collaborate with a wide range of artists.

Any upcoming projects you want us to know about?

Lil MC Answering: I am currently working on several collaboration projects: one with fellow female MC Breathless which should be released early next year. I'm also producing an RNB album for a Bay Area singer named LiL Flower Nasti. Next year I will begin working on another collaboration album with my romantic partner Unlearn the World who is also a rapper and producer. The album is called "The Carrie Swisher Project" and it is a cyber punk/ afro futuristic hip hop album.

Please let everyone know where they can keep up with you and your music!

Lil MC Answering:

The best place to find me is on instagram:

or my website:

Produced by a Girl:

IG, TikTok, FB, Twitter, Clubhouse @producedbyagirl



For press inquiries:

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