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Hi Virginia Sweet! Great to speak with you! Great to be here! Have you been working on any new projects recently that you want to tell us about? We have a handful of new songs that we will be getting into the studio and recording soon. We blessed to have a couple HUGE names that are looking to work with us,. What are your sources of inspiration for your lyrics and storytelling? Life experiences and inner turmoil is a huge inspiration for us. Dealing with those inner monologues that we all have going on, some go a bit deeper than others. Life is made up of experiences and relationships, this has been the fuel for our fire. When you are at a gig, what are 3 things you have to have with you? Dove, Jump, and Ricky! Hahaha! Otherwise its your typical backup cables, setlists, etc. How do you want people to feel when they listen to your music? A feeling of relatability. Being able to apply the words to their own life, having a deep connection to the words, building their own connection. Please let everyone know where to find you and your music! Everything Virginia Sweet is at, Facebook/IG @virginiasweetmusic, and TikTok/Twitter @vasweetmusic Thank you for your time! Have a good one, its been a pleasure!

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