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Born in New Bern, NC and raised down a 7 mile dirt road deep in the woods, Chris Hollacheck grew up in the kind of setting you’d picture being in a country song. His musical journey started very early when he learned cello at 3 years old! Chris has also played piano, trumpet, baritone, and bass guitar and performed singing and acting in numerous plays all before the age of 18. After graduating high school, he picked up guitar in college at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. It was there that he discovered his passion for songwriting and singing country music. Once he graduated college, he moved to Nashville in 2014.

After a couple years of playing open mics and writer rounds and working odd jobs, Chris decided to leave Nashville and travel the country. He started venturing in Florida and then Texas, where he played more frequent shows and gained a diverse group of fans. During this time, he released his first radio single “Knotty Thing” in January 2019. And after 2 years in Texas, he decided to move back to Nashville where he ended up taking his music further.

Now he's here with LMSB to give us some insight on the musician and music!

Give LMSB some insight of yourself as a musician:

I like to make music straight from the heart.

Give LMSB some insight of yourself outside of music:

I work hard to keep the bills paid, but I try to make me time a priority at least once a week.

How do they blend on a day to day basis?

I make my best music when all the other aspects of my life are taken care of and I have the freedom to be creative.

What changes are happening in your life these days when it comes to your career?

Nothing too drastic, just releasing my music as consistently as possible and slowly growing my fanbase.

What is the current state of your music?

Relatable to your everyday ordinary person.

How are you choosing to spend your time when not making music?

I constantly work on myself and always strive towards improvement.

What do you take away from the music that inspires you?

It gives me reassurance that if those artists can make it, then I can.

What is the most important foundation to creating a fulfilling career in music?

Making the time to keep making music, no matter how hectic life can get.

What about a fulfilling life?

Working hard towards my goals, but taking the time to enjoy the process and the present moment, as well as the simple things in life.

Leave us with a personal story that connects to your latest single?

I wrote “Follow The Light” after an inspirational trip to Sedona, Az where I completely felt at peace and spiritually connected. This experience reminded me what’s truly important in life.

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