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Hello Joey! So great to speak with you today! Glad to be here! You were recently recognized for your cover of an Allman Brothers song! Will you tell us about that? Yeah, back in the good old days, when iTunes was something new, doing a cover was a great marketing hack for folks to discover independent artist. Then things got a little strange because lots of people were doing it and the music industry was still deciding if buying a file/song from iTunes or other similar services was a download, or a stream. It is very common that the law, marketing and technology are never on the same page at the same time LOL. So, long story long, I never did covers for that reason and because I got into music for self-expression. But, when doing live shows, of course we did cover songs by well established artists and bands. So my band got known for my arrangements of several of those and perhaps the most popular of those was my version of Whipping post. Just recently, a radio program that does a lot to support independent artist decided that my version was something they wanted to share and of course I was excited for that to happen. I recorded the version of Whipping Post live in studio during a short 3-hour recording session at the world-famous Sun Studio in Memphis, TN, and the rest of those recordings from that same session became my 2019 album “In The Shadow Of The Sun”. Spotify link to “Whipping Post” single Spotify link to “In The Shadow Of The Sun” album If you had an intro song in life, what would it be? “Welcome Back” from Welcome Back, Kotter. LOL But, seriously, perhaps another TV show theme from the 80’s “believe it or not” would be my theme because I am a blind brain tumor survivor that has done more than many folks thought I could. And to steal from Hamilton, “Just you wait”! Do you have a song that gets you energized no matter what? It changes depending upon when you ask me, but right now my go to feel good song is Kenny Garrett’s “Hargrove”. Of course, I love Kiss’s “Rock And Roll All Night” which I actually got to sing with Gene Simmons back in 2018. What is a lyric(s) in a song that you think epitomizes great songwriting? Oh my, so much good stuff, but one of the lines I love, not so much because it is a piece of lyrical mastery, but because it is an honest sentiment, is from the Smiths. “ It’s so easy to laugh , it’s so easy to hate, it takes strength to be gentle and kind”. I also love this from U2 ”I’m ready for the shuffle I’m ready for the deal I’m ready to let go of the steering wheel, I’m ready I’m ready for the crush”. How do you personally approach the songwriting process? Reflection about what I observe and what speaks to me, another way of saying write what you know. I also like alliteration and good strong rhythmic themes and of course, a great melody! Do you have any advice for artists who are just starting to dip their toes into the songwriting world? Yes, pick who you ask for feedback very carefully. Everyone has an opinion about everything, but not everyone has an educated opinion. Also, don’t share your work on social media before it is done. That is a copyright nightmare!!! And as I said above, write what you know. Find others that you love and admire to co-write with, don’t work with anyone you don’t trust! Any projects coming up you want us to be on the lookout for? Please visit my website to stay up-to-date with the Stuckeyverse and check me out on social media. I have a lot of things going on right now, but they are a bit up in the air regarding deadlines for a lot of reasons including the COVID crisis! Please let everyone know where to find you and your music! Website Studio YouTube Twitter IG FB Newsletter Bandsintown Merch Fan Zone Spotify for JS3 iTunes for JS3 Sun Sessions Thank you for your time! Thank you!

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