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The special sound of CVMILLE'S Spanish song Deseo has captured us and we don't want her to let go. The piano melody that begins the song is an ideal intro to the song. It's the magic of the music, the making of a hit, the rise of this star.

Deseo gives off a slow and soothing vibe, which is then complemented by the tempo of the beats. They push you forward then draw you back in. She goes from a whisper to a deliberate rap. The combination of music and her vocals form a harmonic yet memorable song. The jam consists mainly of mid-tempo pop beats supported by synthesizer sounds, percussion, and other instruments to make that polish shine like the star she continues to be.

On this track, the beats and tone are crucial in giving the listener what they need. It is easy to fall into a trance listening to the complex sound yet disarming rhythm this song creates. So it is no surprise that the music video for Deseo would not make you feel any different.

The video starts with a blurry CVMILLE, which immediately sets the tone for an emotional backdrop. The video cutting from a colorful and playful scene but still giving us that warm feel, lets us not only hear the "Desire" in Camille's voice but see it translate onto the screen.

In the music video Deseo which features a relaxed CVMILLE sends us into that dreamlike trance with a presence that feels personal. From a close up of her face that makes us feel like we could get a glimpse inside her head to the relaxed shots of her moving with the melody. The mood as she goes from serious to sweet makes defining the video as complicated as the subject matter of love.

The heart of Cvmille's video Deseo is a sweet, emotive melody that moved me and will move you to continue following the stories Cvmille continues to share through her thoughtfulness which you will understand after you watch Deseo. She cares for her audience which makes us care for Cvmille.

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Deseo Music Video Credit:

Concept By: Cvmille

Directed By: Ethan Fellizzari

Director of Photography: Kevin Aponte

1st Assistant Director: Zachary Zambuto

Filming Location: CK Studios (LIC)


Stylist: Mallory Work

Make Up: Jess Santana

Editing and Coloring: Belen Asad

Actors: KiDané Kelati, Laura Zullo, Jason Kang

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