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Dema Raye on working on her music, holding onto music and when it's time to let go...

Can you tell us when was the moment you knew music needed to be your life's work? To be completely honest, I don't think there was ever one moment where I knew this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. My love for music and fascination with songwriting has always been there for as long as I can remember.

Nothing has ever made me feel the way music does, and I've always cherished that from such a young age. I just remember feeling something special whenever I listened to certain songs, and it sparked a motivation and desire within me to make other people feel that way when they listen to my songs. Where does the soul of your music come from? What a lovely question! I believe the soul of my music comes from a place deep down that finds it very difficult to express emotions. Songwriting is a very therapeutic and cathartic experience for me. I often find it impossible to talk about my feelings and put them into words, and it's only when I express those emotions through song that the words flow effortlessly. You always bring us on a musical journey! Where did the heart of this come from? Thank you! I'm glad you think so. I believe the heart of my music always comes from a deep love of storytelling and the desire to make genuine connections with my audience. I love it when certain songs take you to a different place and make you forget where you are for a few minutes. When you feel every emotion as if it were your own, and the music gives you the same comfort any friend would. That, to me, is what music is all about; to make you feel good and feel heard. How would you describe your latest single to someone who is new to your music? I would describe my latest single, Red Light, as an emotional alt/rock power ballad with a beautiful set of strings that really drive the point home. Writing it was such a cathartic experience, but I remember feeling scared to release it as a single just because of how raw and sentimental it was for me. But I'm glad I pushed through and ended up taking that leap of faith. How much love do you put into putting each record together? I put so much love, care, and effort into every single record and song I work on. I never work on something that doesn't excite me because I believe that inspiration and genuine love for the work you're producing is the heart of it all. There have been many times where I've gotten so lost in the frivolous and trivial matters that I lost all inspiration for the song and ended up scratching the project altogether.

I genuinely believe that If something doesn't excite you, it's not meant for you. Is there a fine line of what you put in your music and what you don't? Interesting question... No, I don't think there is. I wouldn't want to limit myself in any way. I'd like to think that all bets are off when making music, and that's the best part about it! Maybe the only things I wouldn't put in a song (at least not right now) are people's names and dates of certain events that have transpired. I don’t think I’m ready for that just yet.

Is there music that you aren't prepared to release yet? Believe it or not, I have plenty of songs that I'm not prepared to release just yet...

I can't really explain it, but there are times when I write a song, and I love it, but there's just something in me that says to wait and hold on to it for a while. I've done that with a song from my latest EP ( Train Tracks), where I held on to the concept and certain lyrics for about 2 years before I started working on the production. I’m really happy that I waited until it felt right.

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