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Find out why DJ divaDanielle is so devoted to her music. And how she became inspired to travel down this path passionately.

Can you tell us when was the moment you knew music needed to be your life's work?

I was sort of a born performer. There are photos of me when I was a toddler with a microphone. At age five, I think I was telling people that I wanted to grow up and be Olivia Newton John. I think some of us are just born to do a specific thing and this was it for me.

Where does the soul of your music come from?

The heartbeat of the dancefloor has been my inspiration. That way it feels on the dancefloor where everyone is moving in time. That vibe you feel when you just let the music take you over. I feel like the crowd is the soul of my music.

What is at the heart of your music?

Not taking life too seriously. I like to think that my music is a reminder to have some fun. To let go of your day, work, all your problems...Just let it all go and smile.

How would you describe your sound to people who may have not heard your music yet?

I would say it's a bouncy house beat with a little disco thrown in. Sometimes a little hip hop. Always a lot of funk.

How much love do you put into putting music together?

Like the saying goes ~ if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. Working on music gives me something to look forward to day after day. I love creating a story through music. That is my form of storytelling.

Who is your latest music dedicated to?

Like I said before, the crowd is the soul of my music. My music is always dedicated to the crowd. I make and play music for that connection I have with them. To inspire people to let it all go and let it all out!

As you create more music for the world to sing to, what is the ultimate goal?

I like to say that I'm a gal on a mission to spread love through music, meditation, and magic. That is the goal. In my small little way, I just hope I'm bringing happiness into the world.

Is there music that you aren't prepared to release yet? Why?

It's not done yet. It's all coming out eventually. I've got lots of stuff in the pipeline and should all be wrapping up over the Summer. I'm really excited!


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