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Country/Americana songwriter Drew Haley is fueled by deep love: love for the art of storytelling, love for the classic rock and blues music she grew up on, and love for her husband and three children. Her voice exudes a subtle yet soulful power, inspired by the tight country harmonies of the Judds and the Dixie Chicks as well as the effortless cool of alt-rockers Jewel and Sheryl Crow. An agile, candid songwriter, Haley has developed a country-leaning, narrative style rooted in real experience, with hope and healing at the emotional core of each song. As an artist, she finds strength in both spirituality and self-reflection, and she views songwriting as a vital therapeutic outlet: “I always have a melody floating around in my head, and I have to get it out. My goal is to make music that uplifts others—especially young girls, moms, and anyone who is struggling.”

So great to have you for our interview today Drew. Tell us about your latest single and the impact it's had on your fans so far?

Thanks so much for having me! My latest single, "Hallway" was released a couple months ago and it's one of those songs I wrote and recorded years before I decided to release it. I've gotten mixed responses to it from fans.. I'm a very versatile writer and I bounce around different genres regularly so it's not uncommon for me to put out a song that's completely different from my other songs. I was in a dark place when I wrote this one so it makes complete sense that it would sound completely different from my other songs like "wildflower" or "a good woman". Because of that, I'm not surprised if it caught some people off guard.

Do you get more attached to songs over others?

Absolutely. Songs I write from a vulnerable, deep place are typically ones I'm more attached to. At this point in my career, I cherry pick what songs I'm going to record/release and really put lots of thought into what my intentions are or my "why" you could say. I wish that I could get in the studio and record every song I write! That would be amazing.. but also very expensive lol.. Which is why I have to narrow down which songs I record.

What makes your single and the time you spent on the music memorable for you?

One of my favorite things to do in the entire world is to record my songs in the studio. The entire process from start to finish is sooo fun. Hearing it all come to life and expand into something bigger is what I live for. I think that's my favorite part.

Any tried or true techniques you have when creating the music?

I trust myself. I can't say that in every aspect of my life bc I'm far from perfect but I will say that I do trust myself when writing. I try not to stand in my own way or be over critical.. Not every song is written or created the same.. When I sit down to write or get the urge to write I usually concentrate on what I'm feeling and chase that down. That's typically where it starts, then it all falls into place from there and I'll try to match the melody I hear in my head.

What are you most looking forward to in 2023 with your new music? I've got 5 new songs that I'll be releasing back to back!!! I can't wait to get them out there and I'll be headed to Texas in March to play sxsw and several shows around Houston, East Tx and Austin. Anything in 2022 that you experienced that you're either leaving behind or bringing with you into 2023? I'm working on being more focused. 2022 was an incredible year for me and so much travel and memories made but I want to be less busy. I don't think I function at my best when I'm sped up to a certain pace. I need to recharge and step back a lot of times to ground myself or I get very overwhelmed. Where can our readers go to learn more about your future projects?!

I post regularly on my instagram page- drewhaleyofficial, facebook at drewhaleymusic or!

Leave us with a word or phrase that will describe what your fans can expect from you NEXT!

"the wildflower started to grow" :)

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