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Originally from Colorado, Eddie Ray Arnold settled in North Georgia as a family man before bringing his modern style of 90s country music to the Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. With songs like his road trip anthem "Beautiful Day", and his single "What If I Don't", it’s evident that Eddie has something to say and knows how he wants to say it. When he takes the stage, Eddie's high energy shows are fully intended to entertain and rock your country world.

Please describe to our audience how you came about on the music scene and what is the biggest difference between your first piece of music to your latest!

I've always been involved in music. However when my son graduated high school I was fronting a cover band and decided to push a solo career. It takes a few years to get things rolling and that would time it perfectly with the graduation of my daughter from high school. Here I am almost 4 years later and this train is moving down the tracks pretty well. The first few songs were a case where I was trying to find my footing sound wise. Here recently I think we've hit my stride and I know my sound.

What are you doing to push a positive message as the year comes to an end and there is a new beginning coming up with this new year?

Most of my songs have a positive message to them. Even the sad songs. I just released You Were Worth The Heartbreak which deals with that perspective. I'm a pretty positive guy. Always have hope. Yes, things can always get worse, but they can also get better. We appreciate the better when we've been through worse and when things get worse again, we can remember the better and fight to get it back.

Are there any rituals you have developed over the years that are helpful for any upcoming changes happening?

I don't really have a ritual but I pray and have a great support system of family and friends. I learned from my days in the military to assess, adapt, improvise and overcome. Life can be an adventure and it's usually about perspective.

Could you talk about a success that happened this year that you would attribute to all your hard work?

After living in Georgia for over 25 years, my wife and I moved to the Nashville area and hit the ground running with a lot of prayer and hard work. Within a few weeks my band and I were booked regularly on the Tootsie's circuit which has opened the doors for so many other opportunities. It can be a tough town for artists and I think my work ethic and attitude has laid a good foundation in the Music City.

Could you talk about an obstacle that you persevered through?

Right after we moved to Nashville, my loyal dog of 7 years died in my arms. It was sudden and very difficult. We miss her but life keeps going. So many good memories. I wouldn't trade them. She was a very good girl.

How do you think these experiences have helped you shape your career and approach your music?

I'm a country artist. These experiences are what makes country music so relatable. We all have our ups and downs. The Bible tells us there is a time for our emotions whether it's laughing, crying, sad, happy, etc, and writing and singing my songs is a way to tap into those emotions.

How do you continue to develop your community of fans over the years?

I think the biggest thing I can do is continue to make good music and put on great shows. That brings in new fans and keeps older fans coming back and wanting more.

Thank you for sharing all your music with us! Can you give us any exclusive on more music coming up?

My band and I are in and out of the studio right now working on a special album of songs that have inspired me through the years. I'm really excited about this and I can't wait till the project is further along and I can share more information.

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