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Written by Colin Naughton

Virginia Sweet released a new EP, The Revival, on July 30th, 2021. Virginia Sweet is made up of Jason Dove (Vocals and Bass guitar), Jason Jump (Lead Guitar) and Ricky Parker (Drums). This trio rock band is bringing an energetic and modern twist to southern rock. Inspired by the likes of Black Sabbath, The Allman Brothers and Gov’t Mule. Virginia Sweet believes that music has the ability to connect people of all walks of life; their goal is to share these musical experiences with fans and hopefully inspire the next generation. They deliver a unique experience with every performance through powerful vocals, awe-inspiring guitar playing and rhythmic drums.

The Revival is Virginia Sweet’s debut EP and they definitely hit the ground running with this release. The band has an awesome vintage rock and roll style and sound to their music, similar to that of Vintage Trouble or The Record Company. Virginia Sweet definitely takes inspiration from the rock/southern rock bands before them and their own flair or edge to the music. I really enjoy their style, it’s vintage, it’s classic yet it’s completely their own. From powerful and emotional vocal deliveries, to gut wrenching intricate guitar solos, to energetic rhythmic drumming; each song stays true to Virginia Sweet’s tone and style while remaining unique in it’s own way. I love the way Virginia Sweet is revitalizing southern rock and roll! While you can notice their inspirations you can also hear their own flair to the genre, which is so inspiring to music lovers; learn from those before you and make your own mark on musical history to inspire those that come after you!

Each track on this EP has great melodic yet rockin’ guitar chord progressions. Heavy hitting bass lines with great hard sounding rhythmic drumming patterns. Killer guitar solos interspersed throughout each song that speak to your soul and make you really connect with the music. And then to top it off each track has amazing vocals that have that older vintage era sound to them, they are emotional, powerful and just fit so perfectly with the sounds and vibe Virginia Sweet is going for in each song.

For this being Virginia Sweet’s first release I am very impressed. Their tone, their sound, their style, their songwriting ability and their execution of each instrument is very well done! It just goes to show how talented this group really is and that great things are going to come their way very soon.

You can stream The Revival on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Virginia Sweet on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook.

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