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TASHI is one of film and music's fastest rising stars, named by Rolling Stone Magazine "Star in the Making" for her role in the award-winning film "Gimme the Loot". TASHI is also finishing work on her highly anticipated debut EP arriving later in the year.

TASHI has been featured in a wide-ranging assortment of national media outlets, spanning Elle, Paper, Vibe, Essence, Women’s Health, and Complex magazine; who named Washington one of the “Actresses You Need to Know."

TASHI also appears in hit films and shows like "How to Make It in America," "Shaft" "The Jim Gaffigan Show”, “Betty”, “Harlem” and “Random Acts of Flyness”.

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Bring us back to the days when you first came onto the music scene. What was the most exciting part of that move?

I remember the first song I ever recorded. The studio set up was actually a mic stand in someone’s kitchen in Bronx, NY. I was 11 years old. I worked with two songwriters named Hennessy and Kuntre. They did a great job at writing & producing catchy and age appropriate songs for me. Hearing my voice for the first time on a burned CD was the coolest thing ever.

What moves are you making daily to make sure you focus on your goals?

With addictive social media apps such as Tik Tok & Instagram, sometimes it’s easy to get distracted. Sometimes I have to sign out of those apps. I have to remind myself of what’s most important to me. Right now, my main goal in life is sharing my music with as many people as possible.

How are you applying yourself to make sure that your mental health is being checked on too?

I’m grateful that I have friends that love me and want the best for me. My friends are my therapist(s). The one person who’s always there for me unconditionally is my mother. She keeps me grounded. Sometimes I have meltdowns. She’s always there to help me get out of those dark spaces that I’ve filled with self-doubt & defeat.

What do you think is an indicator for you that you need to slow down? Do you always make sure to listen to that?

I always feel like I have to go harder. Someone out there is always more hungry for this than you. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. I owe it to myself to go hard.

Change is happening everyday in this crazy industry! How are you keeping up with that?

It’s difficult. When I first started, the industry wanted great music and live performances. Then they wanted YouTube stars. Now it’s instagram models and tik tok stars. I try my best to keep up, but some of these tik tok dances are hard. Haha. I am grateful for these social media platforms though. It’s a great way to connect with people all over the world.

What music are you jamming to right now that is giving you inspo for your music?

Right now I’m listening to Doechii I love her songs “Crazy” & “Persuasive”. I’m also listening to another artist, Ogi. She has a song called “Bitter” that I sing everyday in my car. Also, King Comb & Kodak Black just released a song called “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop”, it’s such a summer bop. I love the 90’s Lil Kim sample they used.

Let our audience know how they can support your music?

The best publicity is word of mouth. So I’d love for your audience to give my music a listen & if they like it, share it with a friend!

What do they need to be listening to this summer!

My songs “1/2 Way” & “Shut Up” available on all streaming platforms!!!!

Any important dates we need to know!?

Yes! I’m releasing my new song “In My Head” 8/26/22

What news is just BEYOND your wildest dreams right now that you want to share too?

I just shot an episode for season two of the HBO series “Random Acts of Flyness”. I can’t wait for it to air! I had so much fun shooting it!

We are excited about watching you grow and evolve into the best artist you can be! ROCK ON ROCKSTAR!

Thank you so much.

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