What were your musical influences that inspired your new music?

darcy: our newest song, “peach pit” is definitely a little bit different than the rest of our music. it strays away from the harsher tones from our more recent music. Mainly inspired by the indie-rock band “peach pit”, the new song delves into one of my past relationships and how the ending of that relationship made listening to that band leave a sour taste in my mouth.

max: ask darcy lol

nate: peach pit and beach bunny have definitely been major influences of our recent music, along with many other artists.

ellie: for our latest song, i would say that peach pit was our biggest influence as we refer back to some of their songs and just how it has the overall sound that can be compared to that of the band peach pit’s

Are there any specific terms you have with yourself to make sure to put out the best version of your music possible?

darcy: One of my main passions is audio engineering. Working with our producer, Wyatt Boyer, has been really good for our music. He's very picky about how his work sounds, and so am i. When we work together, we’re not scared to tear each other’s opinions apart. If he thinks one of my ideas sucks, we’ll abandon it and go from there. The same applies with his thoughts.

max: you just always have to make sure you are doing your best and hearing what you want to be put out.

nate: I tell myself that “good enough” is never an option. When it comes to making music, I make sure to work until I'm happy with the result.

ellie: to keep practicing. I have to be constantly practicing to get better at what I do.

How do you magnify what needs to be changed when creating new music?

darcy: i don’t announce a song as being “done” until it has glued itself shut. Once a song has reached the maximum amount of things it can or should hold, that’s when I stop. I hate overproducing. I never want to force a song to carry more than it should.

max: well, if there’s a problem with the music but you don’t know what it is, you just have to go instrument by instrument and figure out where the problem is. then, take it from there.

nate: i like to take a break and come back to my music with a fresh perspective or ask others for input and see how their opinions line up with my own.

ellie: I vocalize my thoughts and make sure that I express what I like and don’t like when writing the song. Communication is key.

Who helps aid you when you are being too hard on yourself?

darcy: i’m always hard on myself. especially when recording vocals. I think there’s just something so vulnerable about standing up on a stage or behind a mic in a studio and singing your heart out. it’s something that can sometimes be really difficult to do. however, i’ve found that making sure you have people who are supportive around you is so incredibly important. Wyatt is super blunt and will tell me if a vocal line doesn’t sound right, but he’s also really good about being supportive and making sure i feel accomplished at the end of every session.

max: my mom. she’s incredible.

nate: my band mates are more than just the people i work with. they’re practically my family, and when i’m too hard on myself they’re always around.

ellie: myself. i love to overthink everything and i want to be the best that i can be. but, at the end of the day, after being really frustrated, i have to just take a step back.

Is there anything in terms of your music that may seem too overwhelming? How have you navigated in being able to share the load of your work with others in the process?

darcy: something that i really appreciate about the workflow of this band is that once i write a song, i can just send a voice memo to the guys in the band and i know whatever parts they come up with will fit with whatever i have given them. they’re so talented.

max: no, i usually just share my work by playing it on the guitar for people or sharing on apple music.

nate: whether it be during the creative process or the business sde of things, balancing it all can get overwhelming, for the most part we try to be as open as possible with each other about when we need help, which makes life easier in the long run.

ellie: honestly just trying to schedule shows sometimes. we all have a lot on our plate, and it’s hard to plan everything accordingly.

Any burst of creativity that you're experiencing right now?

darcy: i’ve recently written a new song! we’re working on taking it to the studio right now, however i’m not sure when it will be released yet.

max: i actually haven’t been able to play guitar for awhile, and it’s KILLING ME. pray for me in this time of trial haha.

nate: personally, whenever i hear a new song that i connect with, my creativity gets sparked, and i’ll either start brainstorming random lyrics, or coming up with a fun chord progression or bassline

ellie: i’ve been feeling pretty creative lately. i have been continuing my music creativity while being away at college.

How do you keep the fun in your work?

darcy: sometimes i just have to remember that i love music. that’s the reason why everyone in this group is working so hard to make it our life. we have managers, and producers, and booking agents all because we love this industry so so much. that’s how i keep it fun.

max: i try to learn new songs and play as often as i can. the challenge is fun.

nate: how could i not be having fun doing what i love?

ellie: i enjoy what i do and it sucks that i can’t do it every day. but those gaps make it feel less like a chore.

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frames is an indie-rock band from Central Illinois, who describe their sound as “power pop”. Consisting of Singer, Darcy Johnson, Lead Guitarist, Max Hutti, Bassist, Nathan Logsdon, and Drummer, Ellie Long; since 2019, they have been writing and releasing music together. Their newest tune, “peach pit”, has three awards in tow, for songwriting, engineering, and production.