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Thanks for playing, Muszette!!!

Hi Muszette! Thanks for being here today!

Art or history?

Art, because art tells history

Plane or train?

I do love a good train ride

City or nature?

Gotta have a little of both, but overall nature for sure

Adventure or relax?


Plan it or wing it?

Plan it

Netflix or Hulu?

Lately more Netflix

Movie or book?


Veggies or fruit?

Veggies! Although trying to be better about fruit!

Card games or board games?

Board games :)

Resolutions or goals?


Be able to rewind time or pause time?

Pause - things always happen for a reason

Write or record songs?

Record, the last step in a writing process because it changes so much with the delivery of a song.

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Thank you for your time!

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