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Rock & Roll singer/songwriter Greg Hoy has released a new single “Highway 101” which came out on June 29th, 2021. This is one of five songs featured on Greg’s new EP, Cacophony, which contains songs with very catchy melodies that are so infectious it makes you want to sing along. “This is a song about firsts! The first love, the first kiss and all on the first drive down the California coast,” says Hoy. Covering a wide range of genres in his music, Hoy writes songs that match perfectly with his voice and that have a strong rock guitar presence all while creating a beautiful melody that leaves the listener singing along to the lyrics and humming the tune.

“Highway 101” has an awesome guitar riff to start the song, then it breaks into a more rhythmic chord progression that carries the melody throughout the track. The drumming is spot on, not too soft but not overwhelming; it helps add that extra layer to the music. Once Greg starts singing you get sucked in. The lyrics paint a beautiful story and Hoy’s vocals capture the mood and vibe of the track absolutely perfectly! It’s a romanticized rock song that tells a wonderful love story while driving down the coast of California. “Highway 101” is the perfect track to listen to while on a road trip of your own or just hanging out with friends enjoying a beer or two.

You can stream “Highway 101” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow Greg Hoy on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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