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Don Ugly talks new music and overcoming obstacles in it.

What music of yours are you loving right now?

I really enjoy my latest single "Her Majesty's Mambo". It's a fun, flowy, bass driven jam that can lighten any mood. I had such a fun time creating the track and it makes me very happy to still have that same if not a great love and appreciation for it months after its release.

How much music do you have in the vault?

I have at least two full albums worth of music that I actually like, written and ready to produce. I have probably the same amount that's still being written or re-done. But I currently only have 2 official singles released.

Any obstacles you've overcome in the recording of them?

It took me a long time to figure out my sound and how to go about producing and engineering it; I've spent years trying to figure out the approach to getting my music portrayed the way I want it to be. As it turns out, less is better for me. From writing the music to producing and mixing it. I would always think so hard about what kind of artist to be, what my niche was, acting a certain way to be "entertaining" that I was closing the door to the real answer, and that was to just be my damn self! Then it all started making sense to me, my writing started feeling natural and authentic. When I would try to mix my productions, I would always think that I needed to have every plug-in I owned in the session to get a good sound, to feel like I was doing something. But guess what? Less ended up being better. I learned the ins and outs of my favorite plugins and started using them practically rather than throwing everything I had on there and winging it. I'm now at a place where I like the end results of my masters, and I actually feel like the artist that I was so long trying to be. It's an amazing feeling, but I am still and forever will be learning.

Any collaborations happening?

I can't really mention too much about it, but i will say, YES!

Where can we stay up to date with your musical journey?

You can find Don Ugly on all the major streaming platforms. I promote spotify for the majority. I am also on all social media platforms. Sign up for my "FAMclub" email list to receive exclusive news, giveaways, and first to know/have music at


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