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The rising star Patricia shares with us what she's looking forward to next with her music!

What is a sound you're obsessing with right now in music? Orchestral with folk instruments. What kind of career do you want to emulate? My life is interesting enough so I continue to follow my steps. Of course sometimes I look at other artists' paths, and it seems that some of them had an easier start with artistic careers, some of them harder. I believe everyone has his/ her own original way. What do you love most about your music? That I'm able to create it by myself and produce my original sound style. What song do you want fans to listen to right now of yours? Single that I've released recently - "Layover" and "To Transcendent". What can fans expect from you next? I'm starting to record my 4th Album soon, taking part in live music streams, and hopefully by this year - live concerts again. What is the best way to follow you and listen to your projects?

Recently - live music streams on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube: And music streams on spotify, bandcamp, soundcloud:

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