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The cool band Highland Kites gives us the meaning of their cool band name!

Talk to us about your cool band name!

Thank you :) The cross street all my friends used to meet on when I was a kid was named "Highland". "Kites" came from memories of flying kites as a kid by the ocean. I wanted the name to feel hopeful in an almost child-like way.

What new music do you have up your sleeves?

We are working on a lot right now! Our latest single (Long Road) just released on 21st of April. We hope to release one shortly after this that we're in the middle of now.

Describe your new music in 3 words?

Introspective, moody, cathartic

Describe your band in 3 words?

Passionate, persistent, goofy

How are you keeping balanced in these times?

Constantly working on this. Being able to feel my feelings and express myself through my art really helps keep me balanced. I also keep great people around me and have a strong support group of family and friends. I live in Nashville, which is gorgeous, so being able to step into nature and unplug regularly really helps as well.

Social media please!

Here are our handles:




All our music/website:

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