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We are in awe of the talented Singer/ Songwriter Kendra Chantelle as she chats about her latest inspiring track "I Still Believe", feeling inspired by real life and overall just inspiring us!!

We are SO excited to be chatting with YOU! You're so talented Kendra and we're loving the inspirational song "I Still Believe"! Can you tell us where you get your inspiration as an artist?

I'm so excited to be chatting with YOU! Thanks for having me and thanks for listening to "I Still Believe"! I think the majority of my inspiration comes from real life. The journey offers so much inspiration and I love to use that to create music from the experiences. I really love alchemizing situations or lessons that begin tough but can become something beautiful and uplifting.

Is there any pressure when releasing new music?

I think it's easy to feel pressure when releasing music- there's the pressure of hoping people like it, the pressure of the timeline and the routes you take but I really have worked to let those go and try to remain unattached to outcomes. I feel that when I exist in that space, I can be happy for whatever unfolds because I don't have any preconceived needs and I also can focus on the authenticity of the music and the message if i'm not concerned with making it fit anywhere or checking off any "lists".

How many drafts do you go through when writing new music before you feel like it's done?

You know, I am not a writer that goes back and edits much at all. I don't know if that always serves me (haha) but I tend to live with what shows up- to me, it just feels like what the song was meant to be. I have so many peers in the music business that are great about rewriting and editing songs for years sometimes- however long until it feels right- but I just don't really create that way. I sometimes envy their ability to stay dedicated to finding a new way to express the same song or message but I just move on to the next idea pretty quickly. I love how each songwriter has a different method and there are so many ways to create!!

Is there anything in the works right now musically that's exciting you for 2021?!

I am excited for 2021 because I recently collaborated on a compilation album with Write By The Sea (Vol 3) where 10 different artists recorded (remotely from home) original songs they wrote (via zoom) with producers Ben Jackson and Brian Fecchino and it will be released Jan 30! I love the song I created for the project- as weird as this sounds, I would classify it as a covid love song?! So that's something fun to start the year off. The other songs on the compilation album are wonderful and I was able to do backing vocals for a couple of the other artists tunes. Super cool project!!

Thank YOU for chatting with us Kendra!! Tell us where we can our audience listen to "I Still Believe" and follow the journey of your music!!?

Thank YOU for having me. You can all follow me on instagram @KendraChantelle and I have this little link tree that connects to my music, website, merch and more!

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