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High-Brid Band is an American Rock Band from Upper Marlboro, MD reppin the DMV area. The Band consists of five members: Rel, Dion, Tony, Steph, and the Drummer, Josh, creator of the band. High on life, love, and music, High-Brid fuses most known genres of music in a rock format and will blaze a trail at any of their performances. The band is known in the DMV area and has several singles out on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music. Some of the events and places High-Brid has performed include, but not limited to, Hard Rock Café; Baltimore Soundstage; Apollo Theater, just to name a few. High-Brid Band goals are to entertain, travel, and bring about a new era of music.

Give us the set up of how your latest music came to be?

"If I Fall" started off as a guitar riff Dion came up with while practicing and then evolved into the song it is today. We felt having a mixture of funk like rhythms with a hard rock/nu-metal feel would make it stand out.

What is setting your music apart from what is being heard in the music industry today? The music itself and the message each of our songs carries. How are you multiplying the ways your music is being heard? Through reviews of music critics, plays on radio stations, performing the songs live (showcases and social media lives) and word of mouth. Why is it so important for you to continue to make new music that matters? Music is a source of power that can be used for good and evil. In this generation, the music business barely and rarely puts out music that can change the world for the better or for the good as it isn't a money maker. An example can be looked at with the black community having so much gangster rap and trap being promoted, instead of artists like Kendrick Lamar or J Cole. What does your latest music say about you? We are here to start the revolution and wake people up from the "Matrix" What is the message you are trying to convey for your fans? The message is to go back to your roots, find yourself spiritually. Open your mind and your eyes to the evil that is being conducted and stand up for what is right. Do not stay a slave to the "Matrix" mentality, it promises you great fortune, but at the cost of your spiritual connection to the force and your life. Keeping up with you is always fun, where can our audience listen to you NEXT? We have an awesome show December 17th at The Pocket in Washington DC, tickets can be purchased through our instagram bio (follow @HighBrid_Band). Leave us with a meaningful story that connects to your latest music that is the ultimate takeaway for your fans?

If I Fall" is a song about rising up in the face of adversity, never staying down after you fall. The biggest obstacle in life isn't when you lose it all, it's when you claw your way back up through the tough and harsh times. There will always be someone or something trying to hold you down and pray for your defeat, hoping you won't get back up. IT'S THE FACT that you GET UP and FIGHT, never succumbing to the will of negative forces, that makes you RISE at the end and be rewarded ten times over. As the song states: "If I Fall, I will Land... If I lose it all, I will Rise"

Social Media/Music Links:

IG: @HighBrid_Band

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