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A Little About Already Late:

Already Late is a band shaped by a long list of genres and genders. On top of a variety of guitars, catchy hooks (in both English and Japanese), funky bass lines and drum beats as energized as a riot at a punk rock show, they have managed to find spots in their set for electronics, as well as some ukulele. Thanks to their genre-crossing and bilingual--tracks, their eccentric live shows promise to excite a diverse range of crowds.

Thank you for letting us interview you! Let us in on your new music! When did you record it?

B-Stixx -We recorded our debut album Little Kid Dreams a year ago. We just celebrated our 1 year anniversary for the album. It has reached over 100,000 streams on Spotify. Thanks to all who have listened!

Johnnie -We started recording Little Kid Dreams over a year ago.

Any writing traditions you have when you're in that mode?

Johnnie -if we're in album mode the only tradition is to. Keep. Writing.

B-Stixx - What Johnnie said! We just have to keep writing until we find things that resonate with us and our fans.

Any other traditions you have when you're in your recording process?

B-Stixx - Shots, shots, shots! And of course, talking about the process as a whole and what we want to do next.

Johnnie -Only the last day of recording we do shots of expensive alcohol...any day before then we have the cheap stuff

What challenges come with recording?

Johnnie -There are always challenges and I feel like every project can have its own specific set of them. The biggest challenge for us was, besides getting everything done within budget and on time, was actually getting prepared to record these songs. Each one felt like a boss level in a video game (on hard mode)

B-Stixx -I would say the challenges with myself to get it right. I definitely learned when recording this album to give myself more patience and trust myself more.

Who did you collaborate with in the studio?

Johnnie -We worked closely with the engineers at the studio--they definitely held it down. And for one of the last songs on the album, Lost Sunset, we brought in a couple of musicians for the brass and string sections.

B-Stixx -Some really awesome engineers at the studio we recorded at. We also got to collaborate with some cool friends for our song “Lost Sunset”.

Any recording stories you have that you'll remember forever from this music? Please share one with us!

Johnnie -I'll never forget when one of us spilled our food in one of the recording rooms during a particular lunch break--we already confessed to the crime so you can print this.

B-Stixx - Ah yes, the spilling of the food was a good one. I think another one I have in mind is that I remember Johnnie was recording vocals for one of the songs and they were struggling to record it (because it's a very difficult song). I remember Hakase (our bassist) ran into the studio and started dancing outside the booth for moral support and then we all started dancing haha! It was a great time.

What do you want fans to appreciate about your artistry when it comes to the new music?

Johnnie -I hope they hear all the little things we stress about while making it haha-- it'll only make the experience better

B-Stixx -I just want them to see that we see them. The fans that have been outcast growing up or the “losers”. We see you and this is for you.

After the new year we typically forget about our resolutions, have you kept yours when it comes to your music making?

Johnnie -Of course-- we haven't stopped since we finished recording our last record haha

B-Stixx -Always!

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We just released a new music video to our song LOSER which is on our debut album, LITTLE KID DREAMS.


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