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We can't rave ENOUGH about how much we LOVE this dynamic duo, Singer/ Songwriters Corri English and Elizabeth Lyons new song, "Feelin' Like Christmas"! And we had the honor and pleasure to get to interview them both about the HIT holiday song!

Hello Corri and Elizabeth!!! We are STOKED to get to be interviewing you both!! And we just need to get right into it and say how much we LOVE your latest holiday single "Feelin' Like Christmas"!! Can you tell us how this fabulous collaboration came about?! CORRI: Thank you SO MUCH!! It means the world to see our song embraced and shared the way we’ve seen since release day! Elizabeth and I met through Georges Daou, of DAOU Vineyards (the BEST wine ever, no joke). George is all about spreading positivity, and pitched out the idea of Elizabeth and I collaborating on a Christmas tune - all in the name of spreading some joy! We were immediately on board, and I called an amazing writer/producer friend - Danny Myrick - to round out our team! Feelin Like Christmas was one of two songs we wrote together the first time we were all in one room - the collaboration was effortless - with our goal being to capture the feel-good vibe we had in the room that day, in a song! We may or may not have gone through a couple bottles of wine while we were writing ;) It was a good day!! ELIZABETH: You're SO SWEET to say that! THANK YOU for taking the time to do this interview! I'm happy to hear you love "Feelin Like Christmas"! We served Daou wine at my wedding! My husband and his family had the pleasure of going to the Daou vineyard and fell in love with it. Through their connection to George Daou, they told him about my music and when he was in New Orleans we met and instantly hit it off. We Facetimed Corri and I immediately fell in love with her energy and we decided to do a Christmas song. On my next trip to Nashville I wrote with Corri and Danny at her house and "Feelin like Christmas" was one of the songs we came up with! We wrote two songs that day and we were on fire! It's incredibly special when you get into a room with great talented writers and are able to write from the heart, authentically and connected through wine and the music we made that day! Were there any challenges to making the holiday single?! CORRI: We wrote the song pre-pandemic… so, on one hand it was nice to have it already written! But getting us all together to cut the track and vocals, like we’d hoped, was a challenge. The restrictions on travel made it tricky, so we had to record separately. Danny and I worked together in Nashville, while Elizabeth recorded her vocals from Martha's Vineyard. It’s not how we'd planned, but like with all things 2020, we just had to roll with it! And ultimately, the product was as good or better than we hoped, so it all worked out! ELIZABETH: Luckily we wrote the song and created the behind the scenes video before the pandemic! Danny and Corri went into the studio in Nashville and I was quarantined in Martha's Vineyard so I recorded there with my engineer Phil Darosa who actually was recording Obama's book for audible on the same day! It would have been nice to be with Danny and Corri in the studio but we made it work and it turned out great! It's amazing what you can do with technology these days! We can't get enough of Christmas! And that you've released this holiday song! What have been the best reactions to the song been for you?! CORRI: I have LOVED seeing so many people jamming out to our tune while they’re putting up their tree and Christmas decorations!! And I also received a video of 4 precious little girls who choreographed an entire dance to the song!! I could have cried. It made me so happy! They put so much effort in, and even had props! It was so adorable! ELIZABETH: Omg Corri’s son singing “FALALA feeling like Christmas” has got to be my favorite so far! The song is so hooky and everyone says it gets stuck in their head! In a year like 2020 - family and friends, escaping from reality, and drinking plenty of wine, have been themes for maintaining sanity! I can’t wait to see how people use the song the rest of the month! What is a beautiful piece of advice that has carried you through this year as an artist that you want to take with you into 2021? CORRI: That it's totally ok (and normal in 2020) to be terribly frustrated AND incredibly grateful, simultaneously. My husband is invaluable for my mental state - he reminds me that it’s ok to be STILL (something I am, admittedly, very bad at), and that the pause on best laid plans is happening globally. As an artist and actor, I’ve alway felt like I had to have dozens of balls in the air to keep momentum going, and that’s just not possible right now. It’s not easy for me, but it’s taken me back to recognizing the importance of foundational stuff - a healthy family, which I am painfully aware is not something everyone has right now. Downtime with my husband and kids. Closets that are more organized than they’ve ever been ;) And, we will be welcoming a new baby in early February - a priceless surprise in the craziest year! ELIZABETH: Make the best out of an unusual situation! I always try to find the sunshine and hope! I was supposed to play a bunch of amazing festivals I had worked on booking for years that were cancelled so I decided to write, record and release music. I released a music video for a song I wrote called “Brave Enough” to hopefully bring hope and raise money for people on the frontline. It really resonated with people and was what people needed to hear to be BRAVE! I had the privilege of performing at a hospital in Mississippi to try to lift people’s spirit and bring awareness to their foundation. As an independent artist I typically juggle a lot of hats but with no touring, it's been nice to focus entirely on writing and recording which has paid off because this new music is epic! Of course time with family and friends has been so special as well and feel so blessed to have them. Health truly is wealth… OH and I’ve learned how to cook and make some drinks so that's fun… tutorials on my instagram and tiktok haha ;)! You two are AMAZING! Where can our readers go to listen to "Feelin' Like Christmas" and follow you both on more music?! CORRI: THANK YOU!!!! We appreciate your support more than we can say. You can find "Feelin Like Christmas" on your music platform of choice at this link: And you can find links and videos for other singles I’ve recently released, as well as links to my socials and my podcast, all on my website: I’m most active on Instagram - @corrilee Come say hi!!! ELIZABETH: YOU ROCK! Thanks for the support! It would mean the world if you followed, downloaded, saved, added the playlist and shared it with a friend! These little gestures go a long way for us artists! I would love to hear from y’all and connect… I have a full length album coming out in 2021 I can’t wait for you to hear! My socials are all on my website …THANK YOU!

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