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Jo James talks finding the light in the darkness with his upcoming single Street Lights.

Your next single is coming out soon! Congratulations! Tell fans where they can listen when it does!

You can listen to the new single "Street Lights" on Spotify, Apple Music, and all download and streaming sites July 9th.

Street lights are about hard times. Was this inspired by something going on in your life?

It was inspired by the year we just had and how that affected people mentally, and how some people are having a harder time getting out of that darkness than others. And how in the middle of the night when you're walking under those small lights of hope, you can hold onto the fact that the sun will come up soon to really light the way.

How do you get through something difficult?

My beautiful wife Chelsea, staying creative, and trusting in God.

Who do you turn to?

God and my wife Chelsea.

What are you looking forward to about this release?

It potentially helps someone get through whatever storm or darkness they may be facing and let them know that the morning light is just around the corner.

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