Hi Joey! It is so great to speak with you! Thrilled to be here.

Will you tell us about what you have been working on? Right now, I am mostly working hard for my production clients with several albums in the works from a diverse collection of clients from a Christian rock band to an amazing singer song writer and even producing some liners/intros and outros for a podcast. Also putting my new Mojave mic the MA37 through its paces. And I’m trying to figure out when I’ll release my next album that is 90% finished. The hold up is COVID and wondering when we can safely tour again without interruptions. Not to mention, I am doing a lot of work with bringing accessibility to the digital side of the music business for the blind or visually impaired. This is work that I have done my entire career, but of late I am making a lot of progress. And that’s about it besides trying to catch up on Doctor Who, Wheel of Time and, The Book Of Boba Fett LOL!

You help other artists record their music! What is your favorite part of working on that? I love everything about it! I take it as a great privilege to bring other artists’ vision to life. I like interacting with people and I love to teach and to learn from others. I really love getting to perform on records as a session musician and to not only shape the soundscape as a recording engineer, but also put my musical brain to work as producer assisting the artist to be their very best! Basically, I am proud to share my knowledge with others and make their journey fun and productive!

What do you feel sets your music apart? If we are talking about the music I make as an artist, I would say it is my no limits approach to what I write and record. This means I will defy genres and just play what I feel because the craft and the power of music is what I care about. To be honest, this does make it a bit harder to market my music as I don’t stay in one lane, but I have to be true to myself and if that means I can’t sell out 80,000 seat arenas, oh well LOL. I also write what I know, so you are getting a real experience from my songwriting. It isn’t all autobiographical, but it is based on things I have experienced even if it is second hand, like an overheard conversation or an experience of a close friend of family member. Or perhaps something that caught my attention from the news. For the music I make for others, I would say that being a blind person, while a challenge at times, also means that I am a powerful set of ears and that is to the good!

Who are your top two favorite artists of all time? Oh, no way I could just limit it to 2 LOL and my favorite changes depending on my mood and of course, there are several artists that are tied LOL, but at the top always would be Sir Paul McCartney and Neal Finn!

Top two favorite songs? The answer I provided above still stands, but, love the song “No Reply” From the Beatles and “Giant Steps” by John Coltrane!

What is your songwriting approach? I touched on this above, but write what you know, don’t be afraid to try something new or unusual and keep working at every day! I am a bit unusual as I hear the guitar chords/riffs, bass line, drum part and melody all at the same time. And I write all that at once. I then come back and refine those with additional guitar parts and back up vocals and other instruments or bring in folks that can contribute something special to the song once it is basically ready to be recorded. I also recommend co-writing with other artists whenever possible, but the caveat is to only co-write with people you like and trust and to have a written agreement before you write the first line. Music should be fun and creative and you need to get the business stuff taken care of up front so you can focus on the writing. Don’t make the mistake of taking care of the business later, that is a recipe for disaster!!!

Do you have any advice for people trying to get started creating music? Do it because you can’t live without it! That is the only way to be able to stand up to all the nonsense you will face in this business. Learn from your mistakes and be patient, it will happen for you if you give all you got and if you spend your time, money and put your heart into it. It won’t be easy and you will shed tears over things that go wrong as there is a lot wrong with our business, but it is worth it if you touch another person'sg life with your music and, to end this long run-on sentence, being poor and being an artist do not need to be synonymous!!! Never believe that!

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Thank you! No problem!

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