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Hi Joey! It is great to speak with you today! So glad to be here!

You are gearing up for the release of 'Don't Blink'! Will you tell us about it? ‘Don’t Blink’ is a short documentary from filmmaker Courtney Adkisson. It tells the story of how I live a life of success and intention as a blind brain tumor survivor doing what I love—music! To be sure in 15 minutes we can’t tell my full story, but it is a great look into my world and I am so grateful for all those that participated! It goes live on all my social media channels on 6/29 at 7pm EST where you can watch for free. We have also submitted the film to several film festivals and hope that “Don’t Blink” will be a source of inspiration for everyone! The title is partly taken from my mascot, which is a blind stick figure with a giant guitar, as his name is Blink and from my mantra that you never take your eye off your goal, whatever that is.

What was the creative process like for it?

Well, it was a bit different than we first envisioned as we filmed during COVID, but I couldn’t have asked for a better final production! I really can’t take any credit for the film creatively. It was the vision of Courtney all the way, though to be sure we talked about it a lot. Creatively I did contribute all original music for the soundtrack. We ended up doing the interviews at my recording studio with my wife, Jennifer and several of my band mates. There is also some great B-roll of my hometown Macon, GA, where I serve as the official music ambassador. There are some great live performances tossed in as well and some special appearances by some well-known celebrities. We had so much footage that we couldn’t fit in everyone that participated, a good problem to have LOL.

What was something you learned from the process of creating this documentary? I was reminded how much I am blessed to do what I do and to know the people I do! People that believe in me and pull for me every day! The technical process was what I expected as I have done TV and film a lot, so no surprises there, which is also a blessing LOL!

Where can fans watch the documentary? After 6/29 you’ll find the film on my YouTube channel and you can search for it by typing in Joey Stuckey Don’t Blink. Again, on 6/29 at 7pm EST, it will magically appear on all my social channels, links below, and then we’ll continue to promote throughout the Stuckey-Verse and it will also be on my main website If you want to get a quick idea about the film, here is the link to the trailer!

Please let everyone know where to find you!

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Thank you! Thanks so much for having me, I am so excited to talk about ‘Don’t Blink’!

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