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We are interviewing with the powerhouse Singer/ Songwriter Dustin Powell about his latest single release "Joy", the "Joy" in his music and what there's nothing more dangerous than!

Hello Dustin!! You are definitely bringing the "Joy" this holiday season!! Can you talk to us about how your latest single release "Joy" came to fruition?!

I had written the song a couple of years ago on a very hot day in July. I had always wanted to write a Christmas song and for some reason that day it came out. This past year I finished recording it at my good friend Justine Blazers studio, we both thought that the song came out so well that I should release it! So thankfully with the help of BsquaredMGMT here we are.

What is a hurdle that ended up inspiring you in your career and bringing you "Joy"?

I remember I was contracted at a Club on Bourbon St. in New Orleans and I was trying to figure out if I should move back to Music City Nashville, TN. At the time I was creatively unhappy and had some very good friends urging me to do so. Looking back it was the absolute right decision. Much more joy to spread in the Great state of Tennessee.

What is a beautiful piece of advice that has carried you through this year as an artist?

I had a very smart person tell me that there is nothing more dangerous than a focused, committed and patient person. I have found the value in those attributes are priceless in any professional field.

What is the most frequent question you get asked when it comes to your artistry? How do you answer?

People ask me all the time what is my favorite song to play. The song that creates the most smiles.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to chat with us! Where can our readers listen to "Joy" and keep up with everything you're up to?!

Please check me out on CD baby! Also follow me on FB and Instagram

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