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The musical duo KinderCrowdControl talk next moves!

What's your next move for this summer? Edem: Keep creating music, documenting the process, share and build our Social Media. Getting the music out. It’s what we do.

Brett: We continue to create new music but are also doing more video. We consider our art and music to be intertwined, so our visual content is important too. Look for a lot more from us this summer! Playing anywhere LIVE? Edem: Our recording studio. We always try to record live instruments. The air is important.

Brett: Because our message is both art and music, it’s more advantageous for us to record our performance with the backdrop of our art. Not easy to move all this around so we’ll most likely continue to record. What big lesson have you learned in regards to your career this year? Edem: Building Social Media presence is a necessary task. Thanks to BsquaredMGMT for this gentle, but necessary, push!

Brett: To add on to what Edem said, we had no idea how much an active social media would propel our music until we started working with the team from BsquaredMGMT. I can’t say enough as to how positively impactful that’s been. How excited are you for your upcoming music? Edem: Always excited. Our music brought us to the attention of a major PR firm, BsquaredMGMT, without our participating in solicitation, so what we do naturally is affecting people. This is fabulous.

Brett: For me, it’s always like Christmas. I wake up each day with the knowledge that there are plenty of wrapped gifts waiting for me to open. When we create, it’s a gift and every day brings new excitement. When is it dropping? Edem: We have just released “Eastside Western Remix Remaster MMXXI”, before that “Day Zero”, before that “Rhapsody in C19” just this year. Lots of new music. We have also just begun a brand new composition with the working title of “Excuse Me”… more to come on that.

Brett: Our latest? Now, with more to follow. Look for us wherever you buy or stream music. How do we listen to it? Edem: Our music, under one word KinderCrowdControl, is available on all music outlets such as Amazon, Spotify etc etc. Also as soundtrack to several videos:

Brett: What Edem said. How do we support you? Edem: Easy. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, and support your musicians by downloading music and Spotifying it. We love you all.

Brett: The best thing you can do is buy or stream our music. Streaming is cheap, so give that a try. We’d love to hear what you think of our sound. Also, forward and share our social media posts to help spread the word. We can't wait to see what's next for you! Thank you for this interview!

Edem: Absolutely. Thank you!

Brett: Of course!

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