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We've also never met a cookie we did not like, Joey!!

Hi Joey! Great to have you here!

Happy holidays! What is your favorite holiday movie? Hard to pick just one, but if I had to probably White Christmas! But I like Muppet Christmas Carol, the Patrick Stewart Christmas Carol as well. And of course the many different versions of the Grinch. Not to mention all the great TV shows like a Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolf, and more! There are so many good Christmas movies and shows!

What is the best gift you have ever given? Hmmm, hard to remember, but I would say my first Christmas with my then fiancé and now wife of 17 years, Jennifer, when we went and spent our first Christmas in the mountains of Helen, GA, and then stayed at the Opryland Hotel in a suite! That was a present I gave to both of us and it was a magical time in my life! Not least because in November of that year, I had just had a complete hip replacement and I was out of the wheelchair for the first time in about 6 months and we could walk hand in hand all around and there were so many Christmas activities! I would also say I gave my wife a first edition of a book she dearly loved as a child and I had to work hard to find it so that one is a good one as well!

What is the best gift you have ever received? Holidays with my family and friends are the best gifts of all, however, I do remember one Christmas, my parents bought me a sit-down Star Wars Video game. Now, I am blind and couldn’t really play the game well, however, I always did things with my friends even if I couldn’t really appreciate it as a blind person, like going to the circus… But, this game at the arcade was one I could kind of play even though I couldn’t see what I was doing LOL. I wasn’t good, but I didn’t instantly die either LOL. Well, my folks got me this game in the ’80s and I was able to go into the game menu and give myself infinite lives so I could keep dying and never run out of chances to play. It was like being in a real starfighter!!! It was so magical and I still have that game, but it needs some repairs and I don’t know who to take it to, but I loved that game and still do and it is now a bit of a collector’s item!

Sugar cookies or gingerbread cookies? Haven’t met a cookie I don’t like, but I would go with gingerbread if you twisted my arm!

Would you rather spend the holidays in the mountains or on the beach?

There is something about the holiday season that makes the mountains really appealing, however, that said, I am a beach bum at heart!

When do you feel you are at your personal best? Oh, I don’t know. I am always striving to be more than I am at all times, so I never reach my best, but am always trying to raise the bar. I think however, that I do have some good moments whenever I am performing and telling my story and sharing with others. I think that I have some magical moments in the recording studio and most of all I feel very connected, that is to say present and doing what I am supposed to be doing, when I am teaching!

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