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Writing down your best piece of advice right now!!!

Hi Barry! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us today!

Thanks for inviting me guys, is my pleasure.

Share your latest release with our readers and the story behind the creation!

Well, this will be the third single from my current album "Break Down The Borders”. The song is called “Strange World". The song is basically about the Paranoia of data protection either from us as individuals or the state. It seems we have all got something to hide and we never know who is actually watching us. The same goes for our governments who also appear to be hiding things from its citizens. The actual lyric text phrase “Strange Phased World" in the chorus refers to how totally crazy and artificial things have now become. At the end of the day and on the bigger picture it is all meaningless however lots of people and governments get upset if things are leaked or secrets get spilled, good examples are perhaps, Edward Snowdon or Julian Assange.

What is your creative process like?

Usually, I always start with a melody, a bunch of chords, or/and a hook. Interestingly “Strange World” began merely as a lyric which I was going to use for another piece of music but scrapped the idea and rewrote the music. I write on guitar, piano, or just choose a beat and sing away and see what evolves. Some days I will have success and others nothing really comes along

Do you need to be in a certain mood to write?

Not really I think songwriting is not just about emotion but also about hard work and waiting for the right moment for something to evolve. Sometimes I will have a very good melody, arrangement, etc, but cannot find any lyrics so I usually start working on another tune and come back to it when perhaps something inspires me. Personally, I get a lot of good ideas while on my mountain bike or even driving and I always have my iPhone ready to record any snippets just in case.

Do you have any mantras before hitting the stage?

Before I go on stage (which hasn’t been much this year) I usually make sure I am well rested and my voice is free. I never drink any alcohol around the time of live performances because it seems to weaken my whole body not just the voice. I will drink plenty of tea and water and try to keep everything well “oiled".

What is the best advice you have ever received?

Don’t worry what other people are doing or if they are ahead of you, just concentrate on your game. Of course, it is always useful to get tips and see how other artists work but never get bogged down wishing you were up there with more accomplished artists. And go your own way musically and lyrically even though not everyone is going to like it.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I am a decent Tennis player (when I am in practice) and like to think I am also a decent businessman.

Please tell our readers where they can follow you!

So guys you can all follow me on:




I always appreciate subscribes, comments & likes if you drop by my pages

Thank you for your time!

Thank you guys much appreciated. Wishing y’all good health & stay safe!

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