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Hi Tarah Who?! Thank you for speaking with me!

CH : Thank you for having us !!

TGC: Hi!

Thanks for having us!

What have you all been working on lately? Any fun projects you want to share?

CH : We are actually promoting our new album “Supposedly, A Man” that came out in September. And we are working on our new EP too.

TGC: Now that our new album is out, we are working on promoting it, we also have recently found out that our music videos for 'Bad Time' and 'Supposedly A Man' were in the first round of the Grammys, so we are trying to get the voters attention! :) and outside of all of the promo, I am currently working on new songs for a new EP to be released in 2022. :)

How have your live shows been going?

CH : Well with COVID happening it has been hard, we just have played a couple but hopefully will be able to go back on the road soon !!

TGC: We haven't really gone back out just yet. We have been focused on our release, writing, and taking just a few gigs here and there.

What can audiences expect at a live Tarah Who? show?

CH : Hopefully having fun hahahaha !! More seriously we are trying to entertain people as much as possible so everybody is in the moment and forget any problems they can have.

TGC: Some loud Rock and entertainment. we like to interact with the crowd. Get you on stage, mosh pit, etc... It is a lot of fun and every show is different. Really, the crazier our audience is, the more fun our show turns. I feed off people's energy so if our audience is really into it, I am going to want to give it all I have.

What do you hope that audiences take with them from your live shows?

TGC: Like Coralie said earlier, be in the present. I hope that our audience gets a real experience ut of our show. A memorable, relatable, genuine experience that can be remembered for a lifetime.

Do you feel like where you all are from influences the music you create? CH : I don’t really think so, it’s more what you are listening to for me but it might be different for everybody. TGC: I agree with Coralie in a way that I grew up listening to English rock songs. They might have been from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, I didn't always know but it was in English. In that sense, I was influenced because I feel more comfortable writing in English and sonically, I am more used to heavy, grunge, rock, fast-paced 90s sounds. However, being French, I am sure brings somewhat of a signature, whether it is from my accent, or the way I place my words, or the rhythm of my vocals. Maybe there are some themes for the lyrics too that may be more from a French or European background than American.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of what you do?

CH : I love discovering new places while having fun playing music, it’s the best !!

TGC: Yeah I agree, traveling is definitely a big plus, but also connecting with people and doing a lot of fun stuff either for music videos or on the road. There is a lot of adrenaline going on during shows, the unknown of where your music is taking you, the people you meet, relating with others on a deeper level because they connect with your song and what you created. There are a lot of rewarding aspects :) .

Please let everyone know where to find you and your wonderful music!

TGC: we are avaialble on every digital platform @ tarahwho :)

Thank you for your time!

TGC: Thank you!

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