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Lockyer Boys (Will and Charlie Lockyer) are brothers born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Entertaining crowds with stage presence far beyond their years made them an immediate show-stopper at festivals, concerts, and event openings.

So great to have you for our interview today. Tell us about your latest single and the impact it's had on your fans so far?

Daisy has really gotten a good reception amongst the fans, I think it was something new for them that showed some different sides of us. It really solidified our sound.

Do you get more attached to songs over others?

We always feel like the newer songs are better, which is a hard thing to deal with because our new songs remain unreleased for a while before others get to hear. So we always feel like our best work is under wraps!

What makes your single and the time you spent on the music memorable for you?

Hearing daisy takes us back to a very fun session where we tried lots of new things… lots of good memories came from it.

Any tried or true techniques you have when creating the music?

Everybody loves a vacuum.

What are you most looking forward to in 2023 with your new music?

We want to release lots more music but also have larger shows and continue to grow our audience.

Where can our readers go to learn more about your future projects?!

Check out our social media! Instagram. Facebook. TikTok. YouTube. Twitter. All under @lockyerboys

You're rad. Leave us with a word or phrase that will describe what your fans can expect from you NEXT!


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