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Interview with Evan Russell Saffer - frontman - Makes My Blood Dance

Bring us back to the days when you first came onto the music scene. What was the most exciting part of that move?

Good question. Similar to starting Kung Fu classes. You kind of get beat up a little but it's super exciting. You only get good if you stick with it so you need to learn to take a punch or two.

What moves are you making daily to make sure you focus on your goals?

We devote time daily to our craft. There are different phases of the process. Right now it's all about the Lightning and Thunder tour which is our first national tour post covid. The tour kicks off Aug 17 in Austin, TX and runs through Sept 3 wrapping in the Northeast US. We're going out with our friends Edge of Destiny. Spending tons of time networking with bands and club owners, promotion, radio and press to make sure the shows are a success.

How are you applying yourself to make sure that your mental health is being checked on too?

The best thing I can say here is daily and frequent check-ins with my Higher Power and my network of friends and family. That's what gets me through. I was on the edge today, literally ready to crawl into the fetal position and start crying, but I put on some meditation music and started working my Mantra until I calmed down. One of my favorite prayers is " I have everything I need to overcome all obstacles today".

What do you think is an indicator for you that you need to slow down? Do you always make sure to listen to that?

Big indicator is your temperament. If you're angry, blaming anxious and holding on too tight, that means you're most likely self consumed, need to think of others and be of service. Start by taking a break and reconnecting with your Higher Power. Meditate and be thankful for all you have. That will get you in the right mind. Unfortunately what most people do (and I have as well) is call someone and start complaining, making enemies and sharing misery. Boooo, doesn't work.

Change is happening everyday in this crazy industry! How are you keeping up with that?

We have a good balance of trailblazing and getting our hands dirty doing the work, and also keeping our eyes open and networking with other creatives for best practices. Our recent trip to NAMM was so cool because I thought it was going to be all techies but there were a lot of creatives that helped me evolve my thinking. Shared some really good social media techniques with Dovydas, he's awesome....check out his channels. Also made friends with New Years Day and Stitched Up Heart which would be an awesome tour lineup alongside Makes My Blood Dance.

What music are you jamming to right now that is giving you inspo for your music?

Another good question, I'm liking this one. I am spending a lot of time networking with support bands for this tour so I get to listen to tons of new music on the scene in every city this tour is hitting. A few cool ones: Fraile (Austin, TX), Looma (Dallas, TX), Jesus Coyote (Bradley, IL), The Last Witch (Cleveland, OH). Check 'em out! All the support bands on our shows are invited onto a new radio show that I am developing with Rock Rage Radio called Band Life. We'll be making announcements about that shortly.

Let our audience know how they can support your music?

First go and subscribe to all our channels now starting with Together Apart Music Video on Youtube. Then buy a ticket to a show and tell a friend. YES!

What do they need to be listening to this summer!

Definitely check out our latest single/music video for Together Apart and keep digging, we have a bunch of singles and videos out now. I would also recommend searching off the beaten path, finding new music you love and share it. That's how the world keeps turning, with people empowering each other to grow and giving and receiving energy.

Any important dates we need to know!?

Check out for all tour dates and merch. We have a new t shirt especially for the Lightning and Thunder Tour 2022!

What news is just BEYOND your wildest dreams right now that you want to share too?

We are in heavy talks with Mikal Blue (Colbie Caillat, One Republic) to produce our next record. So far so good!

We are excited about watching you grow and evolve into the best artist you can be! ROCK ON ROCKSTAR!

Thank you, much love and thanks for your support.

Leave the most fun ways to keep up with you!!!!

Together Apart music video:



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