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Sugar Rose is an advocate for PTSD Mental health and suicide awareness supporting veterans, 1st responders, and anyone struggling. Through her trials, tribulations and a long story it has brought her to become a motivational speaker/singer/songwriter with the drive to make a movement and a difference, to save and change one person’s life at a time. With boots on the ground she is bringing her Motivational speaking and singing state to state in person to spread the message no-one is alone, it’s ok not to be ok, and it’s ok to reach out for help. Recently joined with The Peoples Patriot Project, Sugar Rose has been given the opportunity to speak to the world through her new Motivational Mondays show. Sugar Rose strives to be a light/ love to others and bring hope to those that need it through her speaking and music. 1 Family 1 Mission 1 Fight!

What were your musical influences that inspired your new music?

Honestly I want to make a difference in the lives of others in our world to let anyone who needs to hear it know that they are not alone and don’t have to suffer mental health battles silently. Are there any specific terms you have with yourself to make sure to put out the best version of your music possible? I write and sing with a purpose. I have to feel the heart and passion in the song and lyrics before I proceed. How do you magnify what needs to be changed when creating new music? I write and sing to spread a message. We are 1 family, we are all in this together. We are 1 mission: our mission is to save each other before we as a people lose ourselves. 1 Fight War isn't fought alone and we are in a Mental health war. Who helps aid you when you are being too hard on yourself? My rock and my strength, the love of my life. Is there anything in terms of your music that may seem too overwhelming? How have you navigated in being able to share the load of your work with others in the process? This is a mission to make a difference. We are a family. When I'm tired I have other shoulders to lean on. When I need an ear others are there to listen to push and encourage me. Any burst of creativity that you're experiencing right now? I'm working on traveling state to state, speaking and performing as a motivational speaker. How do you keep the fun in your work? I find passion in helping others find their passion, purpose, hope, and light! Leave LINKS!

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