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Letting the world know who is Modern Amusement!

Where does the soul of your music come from?

I guess the soul of my music is in trying to connect with people like me. All my favorite songs are ones where I feel like I made a real connection to the singer because they were being honest in their lyrics, so I'm trying to do the same myself so hopefully people like me will feel the same way about my songs. How much love do you put into writing your records?

I put all the love I have into these records! Writing these songs is the most important form of expression for me and nothing feels better than sharing this music with the world and letting people know who I am. Who do you get the most inspiration from musically?

The band Weezer is the main reason why I do any of this, their music has been the soundtrack to the last ten years of my life and every time I write a song that influence is somewhere in there. Who do you want to work with the most musically?

To continue from the last question I would definitely say Rivers Cuomo from Weezer. He is my favorite songwriter and guitarist of all time and I think he is a master of the type of songwriting I aspire to create, I would love nothing more than to collaborate on a song with him someday! Talk to us about new music?

Modern Amusement just released our debut self-titled album back in May. Dan Konopka of OK Go handled drums and production on the album, which was kind of a dream come true for me since I am a huge fan of OK Go myself. The album is a collection of songs I have written over the past ten years or so, so to me it feels very special because it's kind of a summation of my life over this crazy decade we just lived through. I hope people will find something to resonate with in these songs! Is there more music you haven't released still in the vault?

Our second album is currently being recorded! I'm working with some other great collaborators on this one and it's going to be very exciting, we're shooting for early 2022 for a release. I hope you will look forward to it! Socials:

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