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We got to catch up with the sensational Platinum and Gold selling Singer/ Songwriter Natalie Gauci about the new energy and life force inspiring her now, her upcoming project "Pictures of Mars" that will inspire others and how transforming her life has let her shine her light!

Hello Natalie!! We are honored to get to interview you! We need to hear about what is inspiring your music right NOW! And any upcoming projects that you can share with us?!

The main thing that is inspiring my music right now is my son Jedidiah. I have this new energy and life force which inspires me everyday. It is like a fire has ignited inside of me and I feel like I can make the impossible possible and dream big! The other thing that is inspiring my music right now is covid and the changes and transformation it has brought to many of us. An awakening is happening on a global scale and music is expanding. So many more opportunities for myself (and many artists) to be truly authentic. Which brings me to my upcoming project "Pictures of Mars" which are slices of my interesting life built into online streaming episodes and music. Lessons which come from my life experience from songs I have written and a healing which brings the community together. I am taking the dark days and transforming them into magical mystical enchantments.

What is a routine when it comes to your music that you are adamant about keeping?

Routine is the biggest thing I have learnt that has kept me both sane and successful in being a working solo mum! Without a set routine and strong boundaries I would be lost! To give you an idea of what my routine looks like, it's quite strict. I have been a practicing musician and performer for 20 years and I am blessed to know that I can perform pretty much on cue which means I spend most of my work time on my phone or laptop connecting, communicating, delegating and building relationships to make things happen. My mum life is 80% of my day and my self love time is 15%. And once I get on stage I am in another dimension! I am most adamant about my musical connection, if I don't do that I feel a part of me is missing.

What is making you feel positive about 2021 as an artist?

My new music project “Pictures of Mars” is making me feel very positive about 2021 especially because I am following it up with actual live shows through The Sunshine Coast and Melbourne in Australia.

What is the most frequent question you get asked when it comes to your artistry? How do you answer?

I always get asked about Australian Idol and how it felt to win the show and what happened afterward. I always answer differently depending on moments in my journey. Right now my answer is that I have written an entire album and show about it and that it took me 7 years to transform my life and be ready to fully shine my light.

You have been a pleasure to talk to Natalie! Please tell our audience where they can go and get inspired by YOU!!

You are most welcome! Thank you for the opportunity to chat with you! People can get inspired by me, by going to my website or follow me on Instagram @nataliergauci

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