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Hi Bennett! Thank you for speaking with me today! Hey! Thank you so much for having me! You recently released your EP 'Love Letters! How does it feel to have the project out in the world? Yes! It feels amazing to have "Love Letters" out. I worked really hard to create a collection of music that I felt the listener would really enjoy and connect with. Love is a universal language and everyone can speak that fluently. So I know anyone listening will be able to grip the energy that "Love Letters" provides. Hitting 390k+ streams on the project in under 2 weeks is also a major accomplishment. I haven't had any songs hit 100k so that's really been amazing to see! I'm so grateful to everyone who has listened and enjoyed the project so thank you to all who have listened and supported me. Is there any moment in the process of writing and recording the project that really stands out to you? For sure! So when I finished all the music and had picked out the songs that I felt fit best, the moment I listened to the final product really was a game-changer. I really felt in my heart I had something special with this project, which was a huge confidence booster as well for myself. I just knew it was my best music yet and that I had a lot to look forward to when it came to having people hear it. Overall though that process of creating "Love Letters" alone was an amazing experience. I worked with some really talented artists, YRU VEXxD and Quick, and they did such an incredible job on their verses. I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. You work on all parts of your music from writing to mixing and everything in between! Is there one aspect you find harder than the rest? One that is more rewarding? I think that recording would probably be harder than the rest of the process and I only say that because I'm a perfectionist and before I know it I've re-recorded the same part 25 times. But in the end, I'm left with amazing vocals so I really can't complain. But what I find the most rewarding is also the recording process. When I listen back to an unmixed song and those vocals are already sounding perfect, I know the mixing process will be mostly creative and not as strict on the checklist of regular stuff I usually do to my vocals. And that is really rewarding and probably the most at that. Any upcoming projects you are working on that you want everyone to be on the lookout for? Yes! So later on this year, I'm going to be releasing a Part 2 to "Love Letters" featuring my friend Jax and I'm going to have a "Lightning" remix on there too which will feature some really talented artists. I really didn't want to overwhelm the listener with 7+ tracks for a full album so I decided to split the project into 2 parts. So Part 2 will be coming out later this year. Please let everyone know where to find you and your music! You can find me at which is my website. I’m also on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. My handle is Imbennettmusic. You can also find all my music on Audiomack, Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, SoundCloud, YouTube, and many more music platforms. Also, “Love Letters” Part 1 is out now! Thank you for your time!

Thank you for having me!

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