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We are stoked to be interviewing the rockin' talented Singer/ Songwriter Nick Johnson about his latest single "Done Done Done", his upcoming single "Spread Love" and why that's all there really is!

Hello Nick!! We can't get enough of your latest single "Done Done Done"!! What's the reaction to the song been like?

Hello and thanks for having me! I really appreciate that! People really seem to be enjoying it! It’s going to be a fun one to play live!

When writing new music, do you focus more on the lyrics or the music behind the lyrics? Any in the works right now that you can share with us?!

For me it’s the relationship between the two. Both parts have to compliment each other and ebb and flow while allowing each other the space they need to blossom. The story is so important and for me the story directs/influences the dynamics and performance of a song. And the next song and video being released is a song called “Spread Love”! It’s a subject near and dear to my heart and the song is really epic! I’m very excited for it!

Who’s art are you inspired by and why?

Ernest Hemingway, Bob Dylan, Picasso, Miles Davis, Patti Smith, Van Halen, Notorious BIG! There are so many! For me I find art in everything. Music, painting, medicine, writing, carpentry, making a sandwich! For me it’s how you perform the tasks at hand. The way you manage it. All of us have these special quirky things we are gifted or have worked to develop. Expressing yourself unabashedly is harder than it looks.

What life experience have you been able to apply in your career?

I think if anything I’ve learned that whatever you do in your life it should be something you really love and are fulfilled to some extent by. Obviously nothing fills all the voids. Money is important but as far as I know it’s not yours to keep. You gotta “Spread Love” that’s all there really is.

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to chat with us! Where can our audience go to listen to "Done Done Done" and follow any upcoming projects?!

Please go to my pages and subscribe, follow me, download and repeat. So appreciate you! Happy Holidays!

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