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Nomae makes her own way in her latest single 'MY OWN WAY'.

Where did the soul for your latest single My Own Way come from? I've spent many years dreaming and not doing. My Own Way is one of the many songs I have written as I process through the decision to be brave and go for it! This song is addressing the comparison trap, and how I am truly better off just learning through the ups and downs in my own path, not anyone else's. I need to own my journey! Congratulations on the release of the single! Why were you inspired to make this song? My producer on this, Anel Saucedo and I go back and forth quite a bit with a million new ideas. We wanted to make something uplifting and positive, but true to each of our stories. We tweak things as we go and even some sounds got added to the mix later on... we just kept going until we were happy with it! Now it's our indie pop anthem! We love the cover art! It looks so cool and laid back. Do you love the photoshoot part of getting your release ready? Deep down I do! I spent a long time hiding my ambitions and my big personality, so it is taking some time to unlearn those unhealthy habits. You know 10 year-old me was a total diva and ready for the camera though!! So if I completely own the process, I have a lot of fun in photoshoots. Adult me loves to overthink it though. It takes a minute to get over the awkwardness, but then I have fun. How much love do you put into the songwriting process? Maybe too much! ha! I need to get faster if I'm ever going to finish what's coming across my desk. I pour myself into the story of each song, but I'm learning to stick with the first instincts. Again, overthinking isn't always helpful! I love this job so. dang. much. What is the balance of getting all the pieces together? Ahh, balance. What a delightfully idealistic word! hahahaha I actually work really well under pressure, and I am constantly learning how to adapt to deadlines and what is the most important priority at the moment. I'm writing and recording for different albums and catalogs, working with several brilliant producers, pitching for sync, and releasing or promoting some songs as it makes sense. I just slowly chip away at the mile-long list and trust the results will take care of themselves! How do you make sure you feel balanced in the process? I am learning to rest more when I'm tired. I work hard and I love to be busy, but I need to rest as well if I'm going to have a sustainable career. It's impossible to say yes to all the opportunities. I just have to trust that the work I'm able to get done is enough for my own unique journey I get to take. When you decide to just go for something, is that confidence natural or do you have to work up to it? I think I have this natural confidence and freedom somewhere deep down, but it has taken a lot of time to tap into. I spent most of my adult life trying to minimize myself and shrink that confidence so I wouldn't seem like a selfish narcissist. If I remind myself of who I was as a child, suddenly I am wide open and energetic and slightly obnoxious (but hopefully in a fun way haha). I got in my own way for too long, and am in the process of learning to own my inner confidence. How do you make sure you stand in your power when releasing music? Oooh "stand in your power," what a way to put it! I definitely have days of overthinking and over-worrying, but things take time. I have so much music I cannot wait to share with the world! I am in this long term, so I know that each release is only a step in a much longer path. Consistency will speak for itself and I'll just keep releasing! You're awesome! Share all the Socials and links to stream My Own Way NOW!

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