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Northern Gloom

We love your new fire music! How did you come up with the concept for the song?

“Autolux” is the most recent tune we’ve been pushing. The song is a social commentary about how programmed the average person is in America. People here have really adopted a fascist mentality where you must agree with whatever bullshit they heard on their preferred news network. I think that type of thinking is foolish and very religious in nature. The last line of the song is “…and the politicians tell you when to cum”. I certainly know plenty of people who would stop orgasming if our leaders told them they should.

What is your favorite part about the song?

My favorite part about this song is that it's super heavy with a great riff, but also very pretty at the same time. The harmony in the verse is one of my favorite parts on the entire album.

What were you most meticulous about on your latest song?

Brian and Cory’s percussion work on the entire record is amazing. The idea for this record was to make each song sound like an airplane taking off. The trashy percussion Cory and Brian layered the record with, and most particularly on “Autolux”, made the rhythm section sound like the engine of a 747. I filmed them tracking the percussion with our producer Mike Bardzik (Noisy Little Critter Studios) and we’re going to eventually release it as part of our next film. Cory and Brian are the best musicians I know!

Your latest collaboration, how did this come about?

Our latest collaboration is on a new song we’re tracking called “Carnival Of Souls”. It’s going to be a single for our upcoming 3rd record. The collaboration is with a small choir of my favorite local singers. It’s a very Rock’N’Roll tune with some “oohs” and “ahhs” in the chorus. I’ve been listening to a lot of Bob Ezrin productions from the 70’s along with a steady diet of Motorhead and Nazareth which has been inspiring. I love how big and classic those songs sound and how they colored those recordings with orchestral instruments and big vocal harmonies… Motorhead never did any of the heavy production thing, but early Motorhead is brutal and I love it. I love 70’s music so much.

Who did what on the song?

Our guest vocalists sing this beautiful harmony in the chorus. The harmony feels like Joe Cocker’s “With A little Help From My Friends” or the Nazareth version of “Love Hurts”. You’ll just have to hear it. Otherwise, it Brian, Cory and I doing our thing. The only difference in our sound is I really dialed in my guitar tone for this record. Not that I wasn't happy with it before, but now it's exactly what I've always wanted. Gloom’s next record is going to be a fucking journey for those that choose to listen.

What was the writing process like?

I usually bring out an idea and then the 3 of us smooth it out together and make it a song. For “Carnival Of Souls” I ate the most highly psychedelic mushroom on the planet called an "Enigma" and wrote that tune. The riff came from the heavens.

What kind of mood was set in order to create the magic?

A mystical, psychedelic mood is required to write Northern Gloom. Northern Gloom is music directly from the soul and sometimes you need to break mental barricades down with substance to access the soul.

Is there a critique you've gotten on the single that you worked through and it's made the overall work better?

We don’t care about critics. One reviewer said that we sound too much like Killing Joke which sent me through the roof. I don’t think that person even listened to more than one song. Yeah we love Killing Joke and I’ve learned so much from Geordie Walker’s guitar work because he’s the GOAT, but listen to our fucking albums! We are so much more than a Post-punk band. We are a rock’n’roll band that plays dreamy up-tempo music that transmits an actual coherent message. If anything positive has come out of critiques on us it’d be that I don’t want anyone calling us a post-punk band. Once someone says that, all the pretentious punks come out of the woodwork and line up to tell you that you aren’t as good as Joy Division.

All that said, I’m happy to have people compare us to Killing Joke and The Chameleons instead of Joy Division! Lol

What are you most excited about for fans to hear on your latest single?

I am always excited for people to hear the evolution of our sound. It’ll take a long time to prove it, but we’re not like any band you’ve heard before. You can compare us to people, sure. Human beings love familiarity, but I assure you: Northern Gloom is not a band to ignore if you care about rock’n’roll music. You certainly better hope your band never has to follow us on a bill.

What has been the best feedback so far?

Ian Dowling, who worked with Adele, Kasabian, The Arctic Monkeys, etc loves our band and almost signed us in 2020, but Covid-19 put a wrench in that. Ian liked our first record a lot. What is funny is that he liked us, but said to us that our songs needed work sonically. He took our song “False Hope” from our first record “Watch… There It Goes!” and did a mix of it that helped us find our sound. Ian’s words were “I wanna rock the fuck out to False Hope in my car. I need to be able to blast it!”

We still think about what he did on that mix when we go to record and mix a song. He really just stripped away all the effects of the drums and made the rhythm section pop. He let the natural sound of the band come through the mix. This dude worked on some of the top selling records of the past decade and his opinion is invaluable. Ian is still a friend of ours and we hold him in very high regard as a producer. Maybe we'll get to work with him one day!

Leave us with your favorite fire lyrics of the song?

“Who’s in charge of you? Are you in charge?”

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