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Born to a drummer and pianist in Vicksburg, MS, Zechariah Lloyd woke up every morning to his mother playing on her baby grand. He began playing drums at age 11 on his father's drum set - cutting his teeth on Zeppelin & Skynyrd records he borrowed from his uncle and playing with the church band. After high school he ended up in Alaska for work, picking up the guitar, and crafting his songwriting skills. He showed back up in Mississippi a year later with long hair and a song to sing. In 2015, Zechariah Lloyd won the Vicksburg Blues Challenge and went on to represent the Vicksburg Blues Society in Memphis for the 2015 International Blues Challenge, where he made it as a finalist in the solo/duo division. Down to the River, his first single recorded with Plaid Dog Recordings (Boston, MA) was self-released in 2019 and was used to help crowdfund the full EP, titled “Heart in a Notebook.” in 2020, Down to the River won 1st place Blues for both the Unsigned Only Competition AND the International Songwriting Competition. It placed 2nd in Blues for the 2021 International Songwriting Competition. After delays attributed to the global pandemic, Zechariah & Plaid Dog Recordings were able to finish the EP in February of 2022. The EP, “Heart in a Notebook”, will be released to all public platforms July 14th, 2022. The single, “Heart in a Notebook” releases July 1st. While promoting the release of his current EP, Zechariah Lloyd has been and continues to work on his full-length album with producer, Billy Smiley, at The Sound Kitchen studios in Franklin, TN.

Give us the set up of how your latest music came to be?

Welp, I've just recorded 2 new songs at BlueSky Studios in Jackson, MS with producer Casey Combest. He and I have been trying to work together for a couple of years now and things just kept getting in the way. After a phone call a few months back, we decided to just get in the studio and see what came out of it. Lo and behold, we ended up with 2 killer, new tunes. I'm super stoked to release them in 2023. What is setting your music apart from what is being heard in the music industry today? I feel like most music these days is either Country, Pop, or Rap and some poor souls are trying too dang hard to smush a few of those together. I feel like my music doesn't fit into the cookie cutter diagram and I love that. And I'm not trying to be one thing or the other. The music is what it is and that's who I am. I don't strive to be anything other than that. How are you multiplying the ways your music is being heard? I've got my music on all major streaming platforms; apple music, youtube, spotify, deezer.... you name it! And I'm currently working with some regional radio stations to get frequent airplay on local stations. Why is it so important for you to continue to make new music that matters? Making music is part of who I am. It's something I'm GOING to do no matter what, so I try to inject some sort of message or relatability in hopes it connects with people and helps them in some way. What does your latest music say about you? One of the new tunes I just recorded is called "Hard Time Livin". It's an anthem type song that sums up the struggle and disillusion of growing up poor, being told to "pick yourself up by your bootstraps", and the realization that sometimes it doesn't matter what you do, It's HARD to make it sometimes. I feel like a lot of people from my home state of Mississippi can relate to that. I know I've lived it. What is the message you are trying to convey for your fans? Overall, I hope to convey a message of Hope, relatability, and connection to my fans. I want them to know that I couldn't do it without them, and we're all in this thing together. Keeping up with you is always fun, where can our audience listen to you NEXT? My next show is on December 27th at Tin Roof Memphis! Downbeat is at 10pm. It's a band show, so me and my boys from Oxford, Southern Groove Redemption, will be bringing the HEAT. Come see us! Leave us with a meaningful story that connects to your latest music that is the ultimate takeaway for your fans? I'm gonna reference the other new song I just recorded here. It's titled "Clover" and though it tells a story, it's delivered as more of a "journal entry" from the writer's perspective. There's a line in the song - "...that falling leaf surely met it's doom, but in death there's life, so here we are in bloom..." That line came from a conversation I was having with a past significant other. At the time, she was trying to plan for the future, but I felt like she was too wrapped up with that - that she needed to try and be more in the moment. I was explaining how life is like a leaf falling from a tree in the fall - gracefully dancing in the wind to its demise on the earth. At that very moment I was saying this, a leaf fell onto her hand right in front of us. It may sound silly or even ridiculous, but for me, it was an affirmation. So I put it to my listeners as well - We're all slowly falling to our end, so enjoy the wind and dance a little bit.

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