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We are here talking with the talented musical artist Reverend Doctor about how he's ending his holiday season, healing in 2020 and resolutions for 2021!

Hi Reverend Doctor!!! We want to hear how you’re ending your holiday season?! Any new projects that you're working on musically!? Thanks for having me! I’ve always got something cooking, but if I’m being honest, most of my energy has been funneled into helping support friends, family, and my community, and making sure I have enough left over to invest in myself. Sometimes I feel like our culture of productivity as a moral good is really detrimental to the truths of community and self-care. I feel like if I set a good example of taking time out to ensure that I am well enough to help my neighbor then I will not be a hypocrite when asking others to do the same. A lot of my creativity has made its way out as essays, too. Maybe that sounds boring, but I write with the intention of adding clarity, context and revealing ways in which we can improve our surroundings in really simple, actionable ways. The topics deal with an intersection of race and pop culture currently, but I want to expand into other topics like with my music. Are there any holiday tunes you have on repeat right now that's keeping you in the spirit? Haha! I’m the wrong person to ask about holiday music. I don’t think I’m “bah-humbug” about the holiday season, but I find that it’s really difficult for me to listen to Christmas music for any length of time. In holiday music’s defense, I get tired of almost every genre of music pretty quickly. The playlists I build tend to be pretty all-over-the-place, particularly because I get fatigued off any one type of music after too long. Which means I listen to a really broad variety of music, in general. Right now Jacob Collier it's just about the closest thing I get to holiday music, some of his stuff can be gently percussive. Some of Sufjan’s stuff can sound vaguely winter-y if you don’t pay too close attention to the words! Jimmy Eat World’s cover of Wham’s “Last Christmas” is a go-to for me when I get the itch, which isn’t often.

How did your career change in the last year that you’re grateful for? I needed the break if I’m being completely honest. This moment has kind of forced me to slow down and take stock and to focus on my personal life and I think for the better. It’s allowed me to re-ground myself and reaffirm my mission as Reverend Doctor. My focus on individual and community healing has never been more prescient than in this moment and the world is showing me that this isn’t going to change any time soon. I’m proud to have chosen this as a place to invest in. Bringing people together and working through misunderstanding is something I’ve always felt a calling to. This year has just reaffirmed that I should listen to the voice that compels me to stick my nose into the business of helping people get along. I’ve never been interested in sitting on the sidelines, but if there’s a time to sit out, this isn’t it. What’s a resolution going into the new year that you want to make when it comes to your music?

I want to collaborate more. That was a goal I had for last year as well, but I’m realizing more and more that it’s something I’m not just hungry for, but something I absolutely *need* in my life. One of the first things that drew me to music was the camaraderie you can have in a band, but what keeps me around is the way that music can connect people and writing music together is a special way to share a bond with others. It’s a really thrilling, intimate thing and something I would like to dedicate more time to. We NEED to know where we can follow all your upcoming projects?! Thank you for chatting with us! We appreciate the talented Reverend Doctor!! Thank you so much for having me!

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