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By Colin Nughton

The Birdwatchers are an acoustic trio from Utah, playing tenor, baritone, and bass ukulele, as well as guitar, along with their three part harmonies The Birdwatchers create beautiful music that makes you want to grab a drink, sit back and relax! They released a new single “Dance with You” which was released September 3rd, 2021.

“Dance with You” is such a soothing feel good track! As soon as you hear the acoustic sounds resonating from these ukuleles your troubles float away. You get so tranced by the music and the beautiful harmonies. The Birdwatchers have such a unique sound to them, you picture yourself sitting in a backyard somewhere or with your toes in the sand on some tropical island with not a care in the world and a drink in your hand. I love the soloing on the ukulele you can hear in the background, it’s subtle but it adds so much to the song! When you listen to the lyrics of “Dance with You” they are so romantic and happy. It’s a love song to the core and really makes you appreciate all the love you have in this world. This track makes you want to grab that special someone, hold them close and never let them go!

You can stream “Dance with You” on your preferred streaming service and you can follow The Birdwatchers on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok!

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